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Spoyl 2.0  —  Influencer-led Fashion E-commerce

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Spoyl 2.0  —  Influencer-led Fashion E-commerce

The Journey

Spoyl started with an aim to provide a curated platform for customers to buy & sell fashion. Spoyl 2.0 is redefining the way customer shops. Consumers follow their favourite celebs and fashion bloggers/icons to take a style cue from their outfits, but are stumped when it comes to buying their ensemble and its inspired styles.

At Spoyl, we want everyone to dress up like his or her favourite stars or fashion bloggers and influencers. To this end, we’ve on-boarded 1000 (and counting) fashion & lifestyle celebrities and influencers – making it ever so easy to shop their style.

What is Influencer-led E-commerce?

Fashion bloggers are changing the landscape of the apparel industry in India. 

With millions of followers on Instagram, Youtube and Blog channels, they can move the needle on consumers’ decision on what to search and shop.

It goes without saying that celebrities have been the eternal style icons in India, but unlike these stars, who are highly aspirational, social media influencers are considered to be more influential on customers. 

The new generation of tastemakers are more relatable, real and they engage with their audience better than celebrities.

Why Spoyl?

With over 10,000+ top influencers onboard, Spoyl is India’s largest influencer-led shopping platform. The social media stars curate styles for you so that you can shop their looks at affordable prices.

Selected influencers across India have exclusive access to post and tag products on Spoyl to curate fashion & make money. Join the tribe and register as in influencer of Spoyl if you love all things fashion!

What Can I Find At Spoyl?

YouTube stars, social media influencers, fashion folks come on-board Spoyl to curate the pieces from Spoyl that is a reflection of their personal sense of style.

In our exclusive collaborations with reputed bloggers like Santoshi Setty, Karan Wahi and Kritika Khurana, we designed collections for them that sold out in hours!

Our repertoire of brands range from Wrangler & Femella to our own in-house labels KIS that features contemtporary women’s clothing, Spoylt Brat that specialised in statement t-shirts & Glare ‘N’ Glister that has fusion jewellery.

What’s Next

As a product evolution, we want to empower our users/influencers by building and creating video content. There’s more coming, follow our journey on the Spoyl Journal!

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