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5 Must-have Accessories Every Girl Must Own in 2019

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5 Must-have Accessories Every Girl Must Own in 2019

Glam it up or tone it down, change the mood or accentuate a feature- an accessory worn right can completely change your look. A key element of your fashion closet is an accessories shelf to look up to when all else fails.

Here’s a guide to wardrobe-essential accessories that every woman must own:

1. A Versatile Scarf

Source: mappcraft.com

An underrated piece of accessory- the scarf can be the outfit-saviour you never expected! Nobody really steps out to buy a scarf- but it’s always good to have one in your closet. A colourful scarf can jazz up any outfit- wrap it around your neck, tie it at your waist or wear it in your hair- the ways to style this accessory are as versatile as the accessory itself!

Style tip: with some smart knots, the scarf can double up as a crop top. It’s a summer-perfect hack!

2. A Metallic Watch

Source: glamradar.com

There’s something about metal strap watches that is inexplicable. It adds that instant classy touch to anything you wear. It presents a really flattering image of that of a woman who knows her business. You might be that girl who loves wearing her boyfriend’s watch- but there’s just something unbeatable about an elegant masterpiece. Just trust us and pick one!

3. A Red Lipstick

Source: fashiontofigure.com

Not exactly an accessory, but this is one item that has to be a part of your big-girl bag. There’s nothing a good amount of red lipstick cannot fix- too lazy to dress up? Tie your hair up in a knot and dab on some red lipstick. Lookin’ too formal? Red lipstick adds just the right amount of oomph. Dress not sexy enough for date night? That can be fixed…you get what we mean. It’s a total must-have.

4. That Perfect Backpack

Source: flatlay.com

Forever struggling to fit everything into our bags- aren’t we all? Sling bags are either too compact for everyday use or look too baggy when stuffed with everyday essentials. This is why a girl needs her backpack. Opt for a cutesy, neutral shade in just the right size, so it goes with everything you wear. Backpacks that look small still have more space than your regular handbags. Plus- they bring in the cool factor to your regular jeans and tee!

5. Delicate Jewellery

Source: Pinterest

Not everyone is comfortable in so-called “statement” jewellery. But almost no one minds accessorizing with some delicate pieces- simple studs, dainty pendants or cute rings. When it comes to accessories, less is more. So invest in those delicate little pieces that match your personality and add a touch of you to your outfits!

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