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Fashion Cliches Men Can Stop Living By

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Fashion Cliches Men Can Stop Living By

In today’s world, self-appointed fashion police are one too many. So are fashion myths. We’re asking you to diss the “rules” that are supposed to be your guide to dressing better. While styling tips can help, what they say about the do’s and don’ts isn’t wholly true. After all-rules are meant to be broken!

Read on as we bust few of the most popular fashion myths that are actually holding you back. Say hello to freedom to fashion!

Myth #1 Your shoes should match your belt

Admittedly, this advice has been passed down from generations. There’s no doubt than a man looks absolutely remarkable when he has taken the effort to match them up. However, it’s not an absolute given that he must always do that.

Style tip: As long as you balance out your overall look, it doesn’t really matter if your belt and shoes don’t match. Try and maintain an overall colour palette [neutrals, earthy tones etc]  so you don’t look all over the place.

Source: Pinterest

Myth #2 Pink is not a man’s colour

Absolutely untrue! Pink is a great colour that can be paired with a variety of bottom wear options. Look at it with objectivity and you’ll slowly see how pink is as much a man’s colour as it is a woman’s.

Style tip: Pastel pink shirts work great with chinos and shorts. [Psst: the outfit looks great in vacay pictures!] If you’re in an edgy mood, you can also opt for a pink tie for a dapper formal look.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Myth#3 Florals are not for men

This is yet another gender-based stereotype that’s holding you back from rocking some great outfits. Floral prints are typical of summers and no, it doesn’t just mean wearing a floral shirt to the beach in Goa. It’s totally cool for a man to wear a floral shirt when he steps out to brunch!

Style tip: Choose a floral shirt and match your trousers to its ground colour. Also, floral ties make for a nice twist to a formal ensemble.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Myth #4 Your socks should match your trousers

Yes, if you are an office clerk in the 1940s! [of course, if we were around back then, things would’ve been different..] Statement socks are big right now, and brands have come up with some really cool printed ones! Even the Canadian president is wearing them! So go ahead, add a pop of colour to your outfit.

Style tip: you could match your socks to the colour of your shirt instead. Or you could just go all out and pick a third colour and create a super fun look.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

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