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Exclusive Q&A with Santoshi Shetty

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Exclusive Q&A with Santoshi Shetty

Smart, confident, edgy. Santoshi Shetty is easily one of the most powerful bloggers in the Indian fashion scene. From architecture to fashion, Santoshi has come a long way and how! Her Instagram reads like an envy-worthy portfolio that features collabs with some of the biggest brands at some of the world’s most exquisite locations.

When we collaborated with Santoshi Shetty to create a clothing line, it was a no-brainer that they’d fly off our shelves. We interviewed her just before the launch, and here’s what she had to say about the collection, her journey and of course – her personal style.

Q. Millions of girls follow you and wants to dress like Santoshi Shetty! Did you ever have a plan to launch your own label?

Deep down yes, but wasn’t sure about the execution and what I really wanted to create.

After gaining some experience in the blogging world, experimenting with styles and trends- I’ve come to a point where I know exactly what my personal style is, what people admire in me, and that’s the direction I was looking at to start a label. I feel it’s so important to know and love what you’re creating and more than anything I’m happy that when people see the collection, they’ll relate to my sense of style, they’ll just know where it’s coming from!

Q. What inspired you to design the Santoshi Shetty x Spoyl collection?

The inspiration is clearly coming from a place which resonates with my personal style. I’m always up looking for trends and on a daily basis, I love mixing simple silhouettes and creating looks! My style has always been bold, edgy, sporty with more of denim, crop tops and some ’90s elements. The millennials are definitely loving that trend, so I wanted to get more of that in India because you can do so much with it! Dress it down, dress it up…you’re still rocking it your own way! It’s so LA and hipster!

Q. Use 5 adjectives to describe the Santoshi Shetty x Spoyl capsule collection.

90’s | Casual | Edgy | Sporty | Comfy

Q. From being an architecture student to a Cosmopolitan-approved fashion blogger, your story inspires many. What is the advice you would like to give to aspiring fashion bloggers?

Honestly, I never imagined doing this while I was studying architecture, I always had an inclination to fashion and what worked for me was putting myself out there and showing the world what I really liked doing.

I never thought of what people would say if I do something crazy with my style, always put my creative hat and just went for it. I just went with the flow, always said yes to opportunities that came my way which eventually helped me learn so much more about my own potential and talent.

I would just say, better your best! Be confident, versatile and patient in the process and give yourself space and time to learn from your own mistakes!

Rapid Fire Round:

1. Your fave sport?


2. Your current obsession?

Looking at interiors/home decor pages on Instagram.

3. What’s the biggest moment in your career so far?

Grazia Magazine cover

4. What’s your fave food item?

Kori Roti! My Mangalorean friends would know what I’m talking about.

5. The style mantra that you always swear by?

If you’re confident, you’re definitely making a statement!

Santoshi Shetty X Spoyl collection starts at just Rs.475! Shop for it on the Spoyl app.

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