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Trend Alert: Must-have Mustard

Fashion, Trend Alert!

Trend Alert: Must-have Mustard

Warm colours are the talk of the town this summer and the beautiful golden yellow hue Mustard is the current favourite in the fashion world. Although Mustard yellow catapulted its way into the hot faves as a winter trend, the good news is that it has stuck around for the hotter part of the year too!

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While we love the warm, soothing effect the colour has on us, there’s more than just one reason to love this trend:

  • It can be paired with almost anything. Mustard is a colour that brightens the light colours and complements the darker hues.
  • It suits any skin tone. In a country like ours where we have a beautiful range of skin tones, this is one colour that anybody can wear without thinking twice!
  • It looks great in pictures! Take notice and you’d see how this beautiful golden yellow shade brightens up any #OOTD.

Yellows are associated with sunshine & happiness and we couldn’t agree more. This new yellow on the block comes in the form of summer-ready clothes, statement bags, accessories and even shoes!

Here are 5 ways to rock the coolest warm tone of the season:

#1 Play dress-up

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The easiest statement one-piece to get your hands on this season: a mustard yellow dress. Throw on a white shirt and cinch it with a belt, wear it with your fave accessory or simply style it with white sneakers- there’s no way you can go wrong with this versatile piece!

#2 Make a statement

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Spruce up your regular outfit by replacing your regular palazzos with a pair of bright mustard ones. Trust us when we say you’re going to be a head-turner. Get, set, slay!

#3 Keep it short

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The 90s silhouettes will never go out of fashion. The next time you decide to slip into a mini skirt- pick a mustard one. Wear it with a sleek black top and high heels for that cocktail party, or with super-comfy sneakers and a printed tee for a fun day out!

#4 Accessorize right

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Mustard doesn’t have to be about clothes. Bring the sunshine into your wardrobes in the form of accessories! Pick a nice big tote bag, a cute scarf, fringed earrings or a geometrical neck piece in this shade and make a statement your own way!

#5 Best Foot Forward

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If you’re in the mood to tap into the edgier side, pick up a pair of mustard coloured footwear. It could be sneakers, block heels or sandals. Pair them with a toned-down outfit so they stand out!

So those were our tips to wear Mustard the right way this summer. Tell us which one’s your favourite in the comments below!

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