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Exclusive Q&A with Kritika Khurana from ‘That Boho Girl’

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Exclusive Q&A with Kritika Khurana from ‘That Boho Girl’

Quirky, chirpy and very happy, Kritika Khurana, the girl who’s inspired thousands of girls across India, is truly one of a kind. Her fashion brand called That Boho Girl is an epitome of all things boho, body positivity and how fashion is for all women. These are exactly the elements she’s brought into her first-ever clothing line with Spoyl.

We had a quick chat with Kritika just before her big launch and here’s what she had to say:

Q. India’s most loved fashion blogger now has her own gorgeous private label! How excited are you about the launch?

I’m really pumped! We’ve been working on it for months and now it’s finally time to unveil it!

Q. Millions of girls follow you and they want to dress like Kritika Khurana. Did you ever have a plan to launch your own label?

Yes! I always wanted to launch my own label & when Spoyl reached out, I was so ready for it. It’s been a real adrenaline rush working on this and I cannot wait for everyone to see what we’ve created.

Q. What inspired you to design the TBGXS collection?

We wanted to create something which will cater to the masses & just a particular section. So we incorporated different styles & designs. This collection screams freedom- Freedom to wear whatever they want, look great & feel confident!

Whether it’s a lazy Sunday morning or you’re going out with your girlfriends, we’ve something for everyone in this collection!

Q. 5 adjectives to describe the TBGXS exclusive collection.

Fun | Boho | Colourful | Free | Fusion

Q. The collection comes in a size-inclusive array that covers sizes from XS to XXL. What are your thoughts on this?

I was on the curvier side when I was in college & I would always struggle to find pieces which were in my size. Personally, I felt there were not many options and styles for me. So, when I decided to launch my own label, I had this thing in mind.

This line is for any & every girl! When they wear a piece from this collection, I want them to feel happy, free & confident in their own bodies. Beauty comes in all shapes & sizes and it should be celebrated!

Shop That Boho Girl X Spoyl collection on Spoyl and get your wardrobe summer-ready! Styles starting Rs. 425 only!

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