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Get Sporty This Summer Like This Spoyl Influencer

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Get Sporty This Summer Like This Spoyl Influencer

With the sweltering weather increasingly getting on our nerves every passing minute, mornings come with a task- “what do I wear today?” There are multiple filters the outfit has to pass through- let’s break it down: In need of something easy, but don’t wanna look under-dressed. Want something minimal but cannot wear a bikini to work. Gotta look great but want comfort over couture.

Influencer Of The Day (#IOTD) Minkal Khanna’s picture perfect set of co-ords looks like the smart solution for our OOTD woes!

Source: Instagram (@stylewithrouge)

Minkal does an effortless take on sporty fashion for the summer. Get into these easy-breezy, trendy yet super-comfortable set of flared-bottom tracks and match them with the crop top. Add the perfect sporty touch to the outfit by slipping into white sneakers to complete the ensemble.

PS: Brownie points to Ms. Khanna for the chic hairdo.

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