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Impressive Turnout At Our 2 Day Garage Sale

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Impressive Turnout At Our 2 Day Garage Sale

Spoyl organized its Garage Sale in Bangalore on 14th and 15th of April 2019 and the event was received with enthusiastic response. Fashion enthusiasts from the city along with style bloggers came to shop the sale and went home loaded with shopping bags.

Styles by Spoyl, Loved by All

Spoyl-designed collections of popular fashion influencers like Santoshi Shetty and Kritika Khurana,  were our top hits. The men were partial to Karan Wahi’s collection that was created in an exclusive collab with Spoyl.

The sale showcased western & ethnic options alike, featuring shirts, kurtis, tees, tops, trousers, earrings & so many more. From breezy summer wear for women to classic western options for guys, we had it all.

Spoylers at Work!

Spoyl Garage Sale
Spoyl Garage Sale

It was a gala time not only for the shoppers who came to shop Spoyl’s garage sale but we the employees, had a blast too. This was the first time when Spoylers did double-duty on the weekend yet the mood was cheery and the ’Garage Sale’ definitely got the community closer to one another. ‘Working together is always fun and Spoyl’s Garage Sale’ is the epitome of the quoted phrase for Spoylers.

This event was also a great opportunity for us at Spoyl to get hands-on experience with core aspects of offline retail. It makes for an interesting study to note how digital fashion works offline – how buying behaviour is significantly different when consumers visit a sale venue versus shopping it online.

Missed the sale? Don’t worry, you can still shop best-sellers here!


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