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Smart Choices: 2019’s Wardrobe Hacks For Men

Styling Tips For Men
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Smart Choices: 2019’s Wardrobe Hacks For Men

We’ve looked at men rocking blazers in summer, envied their temperature-agnostic style and turned that page over. When will style be easy, you wonder, as you look away from that guy rockin’ Yeezy’s latest kicks with ripped jeans and an oversized hoodie.

But what if we told you that there’s an effortless way to look like you’ve made the effort, all through the year? No need to retire your tried-and-tested wardrobe favourites – here’s a few quick tips to update your existing wardrobe so you look like you’re down with the now and the new.

Using your current wardrobe (that’s right! Tell your girlfriend you do NOT need to shop, you’re going to game this weekend ?) I’ll tell you how to make your shirts work for different occasions. Be it a weekend with friends or a formal dinner, these few pointers will have you covered – almost like you know why summer blazers are still a thing in tropical temps.

#1 Solid Magic

Styling Tips For Men

“Look at him! I love how he takes an effort to dress up” Heard this too often about another guy? Next time, be him. All you need to do is put on a solid coloured shirt! How easy is that? Solid shirts keep it fuss-free and formal-ish. Watch out for the fit – a neat fit that gives you just enough room for movement, but not so much that it mimics a parachute when you’re on your bike should work just right. Be smart with the shoes you pick and you’re ready!

#2 Ready To Check-In

Styling Tips For Men

There’s obviously a checkered shirt (or a dozen of them) in your wardrobe. The trick is to pick the right one at the right time. Micro checks are the checkered shirts with very tiny grids placed closely. They look formal and can be worn to post-work drinks with your buds. Keep the loud and multicolour checks for casual days with friends and family. They look sporty and give off a chill vibe.

#3 Florals Get A New Spin

Styling Tips For Men

Steal this one from the girls! There’s a lot of style-cred a guy can score if he pulls off floral prints like he owns them. This fun shirt is just a way of saying you don’t have to be serious about style – sometimes just have fun with it! Wear it on your next road trip or add a fun twist to party dressing. Pair them with neutral trousers to tone it down and voila!

#4 Horizontal Stripes For The Win!

Styling Tips For Men

Add a smart twist to your workwear shirts – wear horizontally striped shirts! For men on the lean, mean side, the horizontal stripes give off a broader illusion, while men who love their beer can opt for thinner horizontal stripes with closer placement.

#5 Make White Work

Styling Tips For Men

Ever landed a sunny side up on that perfect white shirt, which then put you off the colour for life? The only trend that’s out in 2019 is doubt. Take that pristine white shirt out for a spin for brunch or that new brewery in town. If you’re feeling especially good, wear it with casual chinos and a pair of basketball trainers. And may we suggest a snazzy lapel pin to go with it?

If you’ve some of these classics missing in your wardrobe, we’ve got you covered! Hit the buttons and shop away. The next time you get compliments on your dressing style, don’t forget to tag us in your pictures! 😉

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