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5 Bangalore Influencers To Follow On Instagram

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5 Bangalore Influencers To Follow On Instagram

In the age of incessant digital noise, it can be difficult to find authentic influencers who create relevant, meaningful content.

How is your content different? What sets you apart from the rest? These are the questions we ask ourselves when we choose to collaborate or create content with influencers, at Spoyl.

From bold styling to raw aesthetics – we found an interesting mix of creative approaches that set these bloggers apart from the rest. Forget the folks with dizzying follower counts and all-sponsored content, here are 5 follow-worthy accounts of influencers who keep it real, in Bangalore.

Lawrence Mendonsa

Dapper, chic and very real – Lawrence’s looks are always relatable. He makes everyday fashion look good. From regular tees and shorts to suiting up head to toe, from street style looks to desi fusion – his styling is infused with a signature ruggedness and that’s his USP. For everyday #OOTD ideas and a look at thoughtful curation of outfits- follow Lawrence @lawrence_mendonsa!

Source: Instagram ((@lawrence_mendonsa)

Tashi Buri

In her own words, Tash Buri’s IG handle is all about ‘being bold and colouful’. Unapologetically herself, @thatthickgal Tashi puts her views on fashion out there for the world to see. Be it dainty floral dresses, casual #OOTDs, sharp formals or super trendy swimwear – she’s been there, done it all and HOW. Follow Tashi for her unabashed sense of fashion and how she adds a personal touch to everything she wears.

Source: Instagram (@thatthickgal)

Saloni Singh

Vibrant. Bold. Vivacious. That’s Saloni in 3 words for you. Putting together outfits is her forte and her unique sense of styling is her USP. When she comes over to our studio, we’re often taking notes on how she complements a hero piece with basic accessories to create a stand-out look. Never afraid to take fashion styling to the next level, Saloni should be on your list if you’re on the lookout for a blogger with an artistic take on fashion. Follow her @yourstylishbillo

Source: Instagram (@yourstylishbillo)

Shivani Boruah

Athleisure x Concept Fashion ft. Shivani Boruah – there is no better way to describe this content creator. This sneaker-head adds an interesting flavour of athleisure to her looks in the most effortless ways possible, making her the quintessential cool-girl. She has a signature eccentric style of fashion that’s original, raw and oh-so-cool. Follow Shivani @shivani.boruahfor fashion that can be best described as a breath of fresh air.

Source: Instagram (@shivani.boruah)

Vidit Jain

A lifestyle & wedding photographer, Vidit Jain is a fashion & lifestyle influencer himself. His feed is a slice-of-life narrative of his personal style. From vacay-perfect ensembles to semi-formal meeting looks, Vidit’s profile is your go-to option for your daily dose of fashion inspo for the modern man.

Source: Instagram (@viditjain.clicks)

Those were the top 5 bloggers on our local fashion radar, here in Bangalore. Watch this space for more about fashion bloggers we like from across the country!

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