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7 Monsoon Make-Up Hacks You Need To Know

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7 Monsoon Make-Up Hacks You Need To Know

The rains have officially arrived in 2019 and it’s around the time when your ‘wake up and make up’ routine gets a little tougher. With monsoon at its peak, there’s that dreaded humidity in the air – one so ruthless it can dry out the kindest of skin types and wash out the most persistent make-up.

Fret not, for we’ve got the perfect monsoon make-up hacks for flawless looks throughout this season:

#1  Primer is a must in monsoons. Not all of us use a primer on a regular basis (consider changing that, btw, it helps hold your make-up for longer). It helps reduce perspiration through the pores, which is how it keeps your makeup in place longer. It’s the go-to smudge-proof base you need.

#2 Avoid cream-based products for your face and stick to powder-based make-up, throughout the monsoon season. Cream-based products add to the effect that the humidity has on your skin and you could end up having a very oily face. [In contrast to creamy formulations for the lips, eyes or face – it’s a green signal for cheeks! Cream-based cheek tints glide on the skin like velvet and get absorbed giving you lightly flushed cheeks.]

#3 Use eye-tints that dry away instantly, do not use cream-based eyeshadows. Alternatively, you could use waterproof lipstick as eye-shadow and blush.

#4 Say no to eyebrow pencils and use a waterproof mascara to define your brows. The waterproof element will help your eyebrows stay intact in spite of rains and there won’t be any make-up running down your face!

#5 Use a lip-liner as a lipstick. This helps your lip colour stay on for longer without getting washed away, and serves as an alternative for waterproof lipsticks. If you’re still the lipstick girl – stick to matte lipsticks and avoid cream-based ones.

#6 Waterproof products are a no-brainer when it comes to doing up your eyes. Make sure your liner is smudge-proof as well. We recommend liquid liners as they dry up real nice without leaving blotches on your skin.

#7 Finish off with a make-up fixing spray. As said about the primer earlier, girls often skip the make-up fixing spray too. This is an absolute must for the monsoons for longer-lasting make-up. Your make up needs to sit tight!

So those were a few monsoon tips for great AM to PM make-up. Stay tuned for more such beauty hacks, right here on Spoylers’ Journal. Let us know if you want some specific articles in the comments below!