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Style Hacks For The Monsoon Season

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Style Hacks For The Monsoon Season

The rains are upon us! It’s official: we’re in the middle of the most-awaited season of the year. And you know what that means? It’s about time your wardrobe got the much-needed monsoon upgrade! Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest a whole splurge to revamp your closet. Just some clever style hacks you can use to add that spunk to your ensemble.

We know you’ve read the usual drill – Avoid white throughout the season. Say bye to denims. Stick to open shoes it keeps infection away. Stick to closed shoes to protect your feet from the sludge. 3 ways to protect your outfit from the rain Gods. 5 monsoon blunders to avoid. Phew! Give us a break!

Contrary to popular belief, monsoons aren’t about weather-based outfit restrictions. It’s just another season we can add a splash of fun to! Read on as we tell you how to play tackle the rains without giving up on any of your wardrobe faves 🙂

Play Peek-A-Boo

Monsoon Style Hacks

Guess what? You don’t have to give up on jeans – all you have to do is roll ‘em hems up! Whatever you wear – chinos, denim or joggers – just make sure your ankles play peek-a-boo with the world! Skirts and shorts are a definite yes in this season! Easy to wade through slushy puddles and damp roads alike- ankle-exposing styles are perfect to keep up that fashion quotient while being monsoon-ready. Style tip: roll up your trouser hems and pin them up discreetly to convert them into ankle-length pants!

Style Core Value: Transparency

Monsoon Style Hacks

We’re sure you’d have spotted them at least once – quirky see-through PVC bags. These transparent bags are quite the trend this season and extremely efficient for this season. Pick your style and get one – satchel, fanny packs or backpacks! If you’re a major DIY enthu cutlet, you could also make your own transparent satchel bag. Have a super productive Sunday and get a kick out of it!

Scarves To The Rescue!

Monsoon Style Hacks

Whoever said scarves are for the summer clearly didn’t experiment enough. The humidity at this time could play havoc with those beautiful tresses. Quick trick? Wear a quirky scarf! With retro fashion always being in vogue, editors always welcome some old school hair-styling. So go out there, pick out some cool scarves in cutesy prints – and have all the fun you want!

Make A Statement

Monsoon Style Hacks

Step aside, boring ol’ umbrellas! It’s a time where bright colours, cutesy and prints have taken over. An umbrella could be your statement piece! Sleek stripes, cute polka, a flash of neon or even LEDs- there’s so much you can do with an umbrella! DIY enthusiasts: the easiest way to spruce up your umbrella is to bring out your artistic side and experiment! We’re talking waterproof spray paints, markers, and a whole lotta fun!

Say It With Your Tresses

Monsoon Style Hacks

It’s time to let go of those basic buns and ponytails and say hello to some drama. With the 80s and 90s making it big on runways around the world, it’s time to embrace blingy hairpins and hair embellishments. Tame your tresses all you want with help from these bold hair accessories.

That’s how we think you should keep it stylish all through the monsoons – for come rain or shine, we believe having fun is the most important element of your fashion quotient! Comment below and tell us which of these fun tricks appealed to you the most!

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