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The Story Behind The Humbl Co.

The Humbl Co.
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The Story Behind The Humbl Co.

Spoyl recently launched Mahesh Babu’s menswear clothing brand The Humbl Co. inline with his own down-to-earth persona. The collection is simple, easy and is rooted in our Indian identity.

How exactly did this brand come into being? What was the thought process, the brand language, the concept and how did it all work in cohesion with the superstar that is Mahesh Babu? Here’s the story behind The Humbl Co.

Brand Ideology

The world of fashion is moving towards a more sustainable, inclusive and thoughtful approach to clothing. When creating a mass brand today, we believe that there is a certain ideology that is a guiding force for everything the brand represents. We had 3 such core design values which formed the skeleton of the brand:

#1 Less is more:

Today, the world has become a conscious place and the consumers have moved to an authentic approach that requires design for longevity and simplicity. Short-lived trends occupy a very small portion of the brand, and the focus is largely on creating long-lasting, good quality basics with a classy minimalist language.

#2 People first, fashion second:

Inclusivity is the new normal. The fashion industry is moving towards creating a positive, inclusive world that shatters stereotypes and focuses on creating fashion that is for everyone. This belief is one of Spoyl’s core values and the root of the brand we were to create lay in this very foundation.

#3 Rediscover craft, reconnect with nature:

One of the most important characteristics of a brand is how its designs are crafted into clothes. There is a plethora of indigenous crafts in India. We believe that as a responsible brand it is extremely important that we preserve these crafts. Hence we decided to partner with artisans from the community in Heggodu for bringing our Roots collection to life. Products made using artisanal techniques resonate with well-informed customers today, who strive for individuality.

As consumers become more socially aware and engage with the causes they care about, this marriage between brands and social missions needs to become more than just a trend. It becomes integral to the brand’s language.

The man behind the Superstar

Mahesh Babu needs no introduction. He is a popular, much-loved face of the South Indian film fraternity with a huge fan-base. Mahesh is extremely down-to-earth and is super accessible to his fans. Being rooted in-spite of being such a big name today, is what makes him an inspiration to many.

The Humbl Co.

His humble nature, philanthropist ideals, and down-to-earth living made him the natural choice to be associated with the kind of brand we’d conceived. When we proposed the idea to the superstar, not only did he agree to be the face of the brand but he put forth his own thoughts and poured them all into the making of the brand. Today, The Humbl Co. stands as an authentic creation born out of the mutual dedication of Spoyl and team MB.

The Result

  • The Humbl Co.
  • The Humbl Co.

The Humbl Co. represents Mahesh Babu in the truest sense – from his simple, minimalistic dressing to his way of life. True to the actor’s off-screen personality, the brand features easy-to-wear styles for men of all ages. The Humbl Co. has 4 key collections in formalwear, casual wear, denim, and an eco-conscious line called Roots. From smart, neat formal wear to simple, versatile casual styles, there’s something for men of all age groups and styles, here. Here’s a preview.

The Launch

The Humbl Co. was launched on the 7th of August 2019 at an intimate event in Hyderabad, where the actor resides. His wife, Namrata Shirodkar along with his entire team was present at the event organized by Spoyl. The press interacted with Mahesh Babu, Bhargav Errangi (CEO, Spoyl) and Sushruthi Krishna (Heads of Private Label Team at Spoyl).

The event was a great platform to showcase The Humbl Co. collection, and there was a fashion show curated of men from all walks of life, representing the brand in its true sense. Below are some pictures from the event:

  • The Humbl Co.
  • The Humbl Co.
  • The Humbl Co.
  • The Humbl Co.

The Humbl Co. is available exclusively on the Spoyl App and website.

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