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Dress For Your Zodiac Sign: Libra

Libra Fashion
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Dress For Your Zodiac Sign: Libra

Zodiac sign trivia has always been an interesting read. Combine it with a dash of fashion and it creates quite the stir! Sun signs apparently play an important role in one’s behavioural traits and choices. So, how does it all affect ‘what do I wear today?’ What makes it to ‘Add to cart’? We decided to find out.

Born between 23 September – 23 October, Libras crave balance in life. They make efforts to strike a balance in every aspect of life. They’re pacifists who love their peace of mind, and the phrase ‘the best of both worlds’ truly applies to them. This balancing strategy and love for harmony trickles down to their fashion choices and defines their wardrobes too!

Greys, blacks and navy blues are staples in a Libran wardrobe and they experiment around by adding edgy details to their outfits like studs, metallic trims and leather accents. A simple yet elegant outfit balanced out with just the right kind of accessories – that’s their go-to outfit! Read on as we decode the Libra Man & Libra Woman.

The Libra Woman

Libra Fashion

Style: A Libra woman strives for perfection through harmony. She loves her minimalistic yet striking wardrobe choices. She’s got her statement pieces AND super-simple basics. She often indulges in luxury – a cashmere sweater here or a silk blouse there. You won’t see a lot of bold prints in her closet. Soft florals and abstract shapes. elegant and calming prints are what appeal to Libran women.

BUT – the sign is all about constantly adjusting to keep that balancing scale even, so she may change her mind about certain trends, colors, or silhouettes – and surprise you with her outfit time and again! 😉

Colours: Blue, Grey, White

Celebrity Libra Women: Kim Kardarshian, Emilia Clarke, Rekha

#OOTD: Going by the ‘classy with a twist’ approach that Libra women have towards fashion – we’ve curated this outfit for y’all. An elegant wrap dress with soft floral prints, in a soft peach tone, with matching accessories. The wrap dress is a classic silhouette, with a fun print twist. The sky-high heels, the clutch and the watch play with hues in the same colour palette.

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The Libra Man

Libra Fashion

A Libra Man is usually always well-dressed. He likes to be presentable at all times, not exactly wanting to stand out of the crowd in any manner. He’s comfortable with button-down shirts as well as polo neck tees. He is adaptive to trends, not obsessed with them.

Libra men don’t usually have a ton of lazy weekend clothes. They’re quite put-together at all times. Laid-back maybe their thing but not when it comes to fashion. A Libra man’s wardrobe can [almost always] be divided into work and play clothes – the man loves his sports’ style too!

Colours: Blue, White, Grey

Celebrity Libra Men: Will Smith, Ranbir Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan

#OOTD: The Libra man loves himself a good balance between fashion and comfort. Keeping in mind his love for comfort and obsession with looking presentable – we picked this micro-printed blue shirt for him and paired it with beige chinos. Add to it a dash of white sneakers and he’s ready for whatever you throw at him – a brunch? a party? a meeting? Bring it on!

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Are you a Libra? Did our style research match your taste? Feeling inspired to dress up to your zodiac? 😉 Tell us in the comments below! Stay tuned as we decode all the sun-signs on the Sign x Style column.

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