Inexpensive Fashion 2017

Even as we torpedo our way towards the end of the year, the fashion industry has no intention of slowing down. With fashion week month coming to a close, the ball has already been set in motion for the trends to come in 2018. From the catwalks of Paris, exciting styles and looks trickle down to fast fashion brands, making fashion and style more accessible. If you thought trends and cool looks were restricted to couture, think again. These 3 inexpensive fashion trends take inspiration right off the runway.

Ball Drop Earrings

Inexpensive Fashion - Ball Drop Earrings

The newest in inexpensive fashion trends on the block are what earring dreams are made of. Ball drops have become the earrings to own and everyone has been sporting them. Even Instagram sweetheart, Selena Gomez got in on the trend. The actress turned producer was spotted wearing it to the premiere of her show, 13 Reasons Why, earlier this year. The earrings are equal parts chic and inexpensive. Anywhere between a mere INR500 to a flashy INR2,500 for designer pieces, the three tiered ball drop earrings are a key jewelry piece to have in your closets this season.

Ruffled Gingham Skirts

Inexpensive Fashion - Ruffled Gingham

Talk about the biggest trends of the year and it’s impossible to miss out ruffles and Gingham from the list. What do you get when you put the two together? Only one of the most inexpensive fashion trends of the YEAR! Gingham and ruffles dominated shelves and even more so when they were combined, in every shape and silhouette. This statement piece apart from being insanely stylish, is also easy on your pocket. Starting at around INR700 for street wear brands and ranging upwards with premium and luxury brands, this inexpensive trend is a definite win-win.


Inexpensive Fashion - Mules

As we headed out of 2016 and entered the New Year, it was clear that mules would continue to dominate in 2017 too. And boy, have they! Right from flat mules to block heeled mules, there’s simply no dearth of the style. Not only is it trendy but also highly comfortable. Now if that isn’t perfect footwear, we don’t know what is. It’s just about everywhere and with a good pair starting at around the INR800 mark; we’d say we’ve got a pretty sweet deal.

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