We’re already halfway through the year and as always beauty circuit is popping out with some amazing trends. We use instagram for fashion more than anything else, don’t we? That morning ritual of waking up and scrolling through an unending feed of fashion and makeup posts. What’s new, what’s hot! After doing some daily research, we bring to you a collection of some awesome Insta-beauty trends that are riding the wave.

Crazy Insta-Beauty Trends That Are Here To Stay!

 Neon Eye Makeup

Insta-Beauty Trends

This trend is amazing because you can incorporate it into your daily routine with something as simple as a neon eyeliner. Use a white eyeliner before you use the neon so the colours pop!

Holographic Hair

Insta-Beauty Trends

This trend made by mixing blond shades with pastel lavender, baby pink and bright blue, began last year with accessories, and then it made its way slowly up the beauty industry with highlighters and eye makeup. Now, this trend has made its way into hair colour and we think it looks gorgeous!

Unicorn Nails

Insta-Beauty Trends

Unicorn everything hit the beauty industry hard last year. This is the perfect combination of a holographic base and shades of unicorn pink and purple.

Bright Hair

Insta-Beauty Trends

This is one trend you should definitely try at some point. We are all mostly brunettes, and shifting to another colour makes a bold statement. Also, how the hair colour spectrum is expanding – vibrant oranges, blues, reds, etc are sure worth the best try.

Foil Freckles

Insta-Beauty Trends

It’s time of embracing ourselves and portraying our natural beauty and we believe it is great. We started off with glitter freckles, and now the subtle changes have brought in foil freckles. Hooray!

Floral Eyeliner

Insta-Beauty Trends

This is one extremely pretty trend and we had to include it in this list. You will need to be an artist to recreate this magnificence but it sure is worth a try!

 Cereal Hair

Insta-Beauty Trends

Calling out all pop colour lovers, this trend has been popular in our Instagram feed. This trend loosely matches the various colours and vibrancy of fruit loops and is definitely one worth a trial. Took our breath away!

It’s time to incorporate a few of this Insta-Beauty Trends in your daily life!

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