Hey guys, the countdown timer has just run out. We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success! And a special congratulations to all the winners! It was great event due to all your active support and sportsmanship. Our panel of judges chose the winning entry based on how well it exemplified the entry requirements on the Jagga Jasoos Contest.

But before we announce the winner, here are all the comments that left us rolling in laughter and amusement!

Read On, And You Will Find Them Great Too!

1. Talent Enthusiast On Roll!

“Because Ranbir has a talent of getting into any role. Be it brother husband boyfriend or anything. He can perfectly mold himself and get into the role. And the main and honest reason I’m a fan is, he keeps personal life away from his professional life. Besides all personal issues with Katrina, they haven’t let it affect professional life,” – karen.rodrigues2018@gmail.com

2. Positive Thoughts ONLY!

‘Coz i was the one who got so happy to know that he broke up with Katrina,  which made slightest of my chance to be his girl (being positive)  B-) – pooja_jss@yahoo.co.in

3. This Eternal Crush!

Because i have been crushing over him since 2007 when his first movie “Sawariya” came. First i thought it was a crush but later i fell in love hard and it hadn’t lessen a bit and not only through his hits but i have been supporting him in his every movie cause for me everything is a blockbuster to me. My Ranbir has improved so much in every recent movies and i know this one will be a hit too. This time i don’t think i can afford to go the movies as i am so broke because of personal issues so i think i do deserve this. I will keep on loving him though forever. – puchujc23@gmail.com

4. The Truth Spoken!

Because..Man what an ass – rashis@gmail.com

5.  The Man Knows His Likes!

“Because he was a Rockstar in Tamasha which i enjoyed watching while drinking a whiskey with Barfi” -gowtham@gmail.com

6. The Honesty Level Here!

because he left Katrina.. 😉 – megha02agrawal@yahoo.co.in

7. We All Know What Happened Here!

His love interest changes quicker than my fashion and spoyl bargain price – changerrashmipatil@gmail.com

And Here Are The Winning Comments Guys!!

8. Sim Ranbir Is Bae!

Ranbir in my newspaper cutout collection (Remember those?) Ranbir on the cover of my school books. Ranbir in my phone. Ranbir in my cupboard. Ranbir in my dreams. Ranbir in my heart! My longest strongest ongoing crush since 2008, ever since the first teaser of Saawariya was released, #RanbirIsBae. Getting excited about this contest only because it’s RANBIR – ummehani.bootwala@gmail.com

9. What Better Explanation Than He’s Ranbir Kapoor!

“Because he is RANBIR KAPOOR,  he portrays heartbreaks like nobody else can!  His acting and movies touch us deeply. He is truly passionate about what he does and he loves playing soccer and always finds time for things he loves. He is charming and know exactly how to impress someone. He is the only one who can dance like the legendary Devanand and take us back to the golden era. I can’t put it into words to justify how amazing he is. He truly is the best.” – vanshikavdoshi@gmail.com

10. This True Love!

“Well I could write on and on and yet be bereft of words when it comes to him. I remember I was just a 8 year old girl when his first movie sawariya came and competed with Om shanti Om. His movie didn’t do well in the hearts of the people, but one young girl did lose her heart to this amazing guy. It’s been 10-11 years since that movie came, I was 8 then I’m 18 now.  Things have changed, how acting skills have evolved, he has changed but one thing that hasn’t changed is my affection towards him. His movies like tamasha, adhm yjhd are some of the movies I have watched on every girls night. I know there are many amazing and phenomenal actors in Bollywood but I don’t know why I firmly believe he is the only one with the heart of gold! PS he looks like a desi version of Ryan Gosling who speaks Hindi (what more can a girl ask for?)” – ayesha.nands@yahoo.in

But we are not yet done, we are announcing one more winner tomorrow. Comeback To Know The The Secret Winner!