Another day and we’ll be bumbling, fumbling and mostly stumbling our way into another year. 2015 has been a wild year and it’s only fair that 2016 commence with a blaring BANG! as well. As is traditional on the eve of any New Year celebration, the stumbling bit becomes all too literal. Stumbling through the hoards of clothes spilling out of your wardrobe. Shoes and dresses and handbags everywhere! Groaning the quintessential girl cry in unadulterated agony,

I have NOTHING to wear!!!”

(Hands up if you’re familiar with this)

Too late for shopping fashion. What is the new fashion? Is there anything to salvage in this Pandora’s box I call my closet? Now what?!?!

Well, if that’s not a cry for help, then we don’t know what is. Fret not, #Spoyl is here to save the day. Make your wardrobe a fashion shop in itself. Here are 4 major tips to keep in mind, if you’re going through the pinnacle of girl crisis.


  • Have nothing to wear? NO PROBLEM! Let the make up do the talking. The simplest of outfits look super glamorous with the right make up. Go for elaborate hairstyles, dramatic eye and lip situations and there’s never a bad time for nail art, is there? Glitter is the name of the game! Believe in the fairy dust and go all out.have NOTHING to wear


  • All right, now we know New Year is all about ‘The Dress’ but rules are meant to be broken! Right? This year go the other route. Opt for sexy jumpsuits instead. It is all about showing enough and leaving more to the imagination! And although we love our LBDs, we stray from the traditional. (ALSO, it avoids the hassle of finding matching pieces. And obviously you stand out!)have NOTHING to wear


  • Are you the ultimate lazy girl? Don’t know what to wear? You’re going to love this one! Simply wear your favorite sweatshirt over your dress. It’s fast, simple and downright sassy. No waste of time, no nuisance, just lots of cool girl vibes. You’re welcome!have NOTHING to wear


  • Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Repeat after us. The simplest and most sure shot way to a glamorous yet fuss free New Year ready outfit! Keep the ensemble simple. Whether it’s statement necklaces, bejeweled baubles, cool clutches or body chains; diamonds are no longer the only best friend.have NOTHING to wear

So keep in mind, it’s not the clothes that make the man. Well.. it is, but now you know how to do it faster and better now!

May the force be with you.

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