Every time we scroll through our Instagram feed, a new fashion trend emerges. From Yeezy inspired clear booties to perspex heeled shoes, and more. There’s no dearth of trends floating around! But if Instagram is anything to go by, it seems like a new fashion trend is doing the rounds and our super bloggers are loving every second of it.

If you haven’t noticed already, corsets are getting pretty popular with fashion’s inner circle these days. As far as reputations go, they’re don’t have the best. A little bit of burlesque-like haughtiness meets somewhat organ-crushing, waist-training, faint-inducing ridiculousness.

As crazy as it might seem, a lot of bloggers have been spotted sporting this unconventional garment. Shifting it from inner wear to outerwear, these super bloggers have given edginess a whole new definition with their style and unwavering confidence!

The One Fashion Trend Bloggers Are Loving RN – Corsets!

New to the corset wearing game? Take some basic tips from Nilu! Blogger Nilu Thapa of Big Hair Loud Mouth goes for a basic black corset and indulges in some achromatic colour play. The arch of the corset under the bust gives it a touch of femininity and subtle sexiness. We love that the burst of colour in the look only comes from her pastel coloured hair and the super cute marsala bag. Trés chic!


If there’s one thing  bloggers know, then it’s how to take basics up a notch with little effort. Mehak Ghai certainly knows a thing or two about accentuating her casuals. She brings ‘cool’ by the ton with a simple camo T-shirt dress and an even cooler corset. We love how plain the outfit is yet speaks volumes in style!


Srishti Agarwal from Curious Components uses the corset to add more structure to her already crisp and tailored outfit. We love that she has switched out a predictable tan belt for a black corset to cinch in her waist for added silhouette. There’s nothing we don’t love about this outfit already!


All black sexiness done right by Madhura Bhogale of bemadly.in! If the h2t black ensemble wasn’t already sultry enough, the addition of the black tied up corset makes it just that extra bit hotter. It’s different, it’s flirtatious and down right experimental (and winning at it 💯)


Just when you thought you couldn’t style a corset in a more different look, Santoshi Shetty of The Style Edge shows us how. We adore how she slipped on the corset over a pyjama set. Nightwear for day was cool anyway, but the corset gives it that extra character, detail and oomph and takes it from woah to WOW!


Would you dare to try this fashion trend?

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