Outfit Ideas For Navratri 2016

It’s that time of the year again when festive enthusiasts of all kind wait with their bated breaths and search for outfit ideas for Navratri 2016 to look trendy. The most anticipated celebration comes later this month with everyone getting their ghagras on, selves preened, groomed and perfect to a T, fans of the festival prepare themselves to look their fashionable best. Now we may not even be close to looking like Deepika Padukone in Ram Leela but at least we’ll still be stylish.

Outfits Ideas For Navratri 2016

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With everyone on the experimental bandwagon, we’re straying off from the traditional and venturing into the unconventional mode with 5 easy tricks to meld together western fashion into Indian wear this Navratri season! Get inspired by some of the best fashionistas in the blogger business and trust them to show you how its done.

Follow These 5 Fusion Outfit Ideas For Navratri 2016

1. Indo Fusion Chokers

The choker trend has been an all consuming one and we love it. Quite honestly, we can’t get enough of it. It surely comes as no surprise with this trend creeping into ethnic styles as well. These oxidised chokers would make the perfect addition to your ghagras for a look of traditional beauty and modern style. Celebrating Navratri never looked more stylish!


2. Get Experimental With Sarees

Saree with a twist indeed, this one! Get out of your comfort zone and opt for a look that screams style! We love how Debanti has given the saree its own flavour making it a very unique look by simply using basic top and playful accessories. The touch of statement jewellery surely gives it that stylish Indian look. We love it and how!

3. Go For Western Top Wear

A smart way to get into the Indo-fusion look is by simply opting for western top wear. Think crop tops, off shoulder or one shouldered tops. The options are endless and your style will be too! We are Navratri ready!


4. Mix Up Your Bottom Wear

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Ghagras might be the norm for Navratri, but they can be a tad bit difficult to handle at times. One of the best outfit ideas for Navratri could be Dhoti pants or printed patialas, which is an interesting way to keep it stylish and comfortable at the same time.


5. Get With The Trends

Say goodbye to heavy made up faces and embrace the trending colours this year. Navratri need not translate into heavy make up and colours galore. Blogger Shreya Jain shows us how to get with the trending colour schemes for 2016 to look your absolute best this Navratri!

What will you be trying out this Navratri 2016?

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