An iPhone for Everyone

Year 10 – The Evolution Of iPhone

Last night’s launch of the iPhone X, 8 and 8s models was an important landmark in Apple’s history. It marked the 10th year of their first ever smartphone, the iPhone’s (Gen 1), launch. Over the past decade, the iPhone has gone through major modifications and multiple updates, becoming one of the most coveted mobile phones in the world. Today, owning one has become a symbol of class and a sign of good taste.

The Appeal

iPhone Camera

One of the main attractions of the iPhone, apart from its obvious good looks, is its camera. The first crucial upgrade to the camera was in iPhone 5, where the 8MP sensors were made out of sapphire crystals rather than glass. Also, the (then) new, dual core A6 chipsets made the camera noticeably quicker. This, in turn, made photo capture speeds better. From then on, with better processors, lenses and sensors, the cameras of each new version have only gotten better. Novel features such as slow motion video recording, true tone flash & Facetime were introduced in the beginning. This was followed by 4K video recording and portrait mode capabilities. With the iPhone X, we are looking at features like Animojis, instant background upgrades and facial recognition, making Apple a pioneer in the world of smartphone camera tech.

The Millennials

Millennials - Social Media Savvy & iPhone Loving

The selfie-loving, social media savvy millennials adore the iPhone and its capability to capture fantastic photos. For college-goers and young adults, owning one, in their words, ‘adds to their swag’. However, the villain that has been keeping innumerable millennials from getting their hands on an iPhone has always been the pricing. Apple’s flagship smartphones are infamous for being too expensive for the common man. Even older versions that are still available for sale tend to be pricier than one would like them to be. This has compelled many people to turn to refurbished/second hand alternatives. To date, one had to be very careful while buying pre-owned devices, as they could easily be tricked into purchasing defective models. But, the time has come to wave goodbye to all those worries. After the launch of the mobile category a while back, Spoyl is now offering pre-owned and unboxed iPhones at attractive prices.

Each phone undergoes over 45 different tests, providing you with warranty and good value for your money. So hurry up and grab one while you can! Holding your very own iPhone in your hand and clicking those awesome selfies aren’t just a distant dream anymore.

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