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Eco Friendly Shopping: Tips & Tricks

With the rise and need for sustainable fashion growing incessantly on a booming scale, going green and has become the need of the hour. The idea of going green by going for eco friendly shopping and not pandering to fast fashion may seem wayward with the latest fashion and fashion…

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Reuse Fashion
Fashion, Lifestyle

Reuse Fashion: Eco Shopping with Spoyl

People and Planet. The 2 P’s that summarise the core of our existence. But what happens when each negates the other? Nature has been used up all in the name of evolution and progress. A “planet sale” if you will. Today, we hear about multiple industries that benefit by deriving…

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january fashion trends 2016

January Fashion Trends: Spoyl Favourites

One month into the year, and the fashion sphere is abuzz with fashions new arrivals and a whole new set of trendy clothes! What’s hot and what’s not has quickly snowballed into a set of styles that have already begun making the rounds of social media with appearances on the…

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Naina Ruhail
Celebrity, Fashion

Seriously Spoyld With Naina Ruhail

Every fortnight, we come to you with the.. Seriously Spoyld feature series! A chat with the top Indian bloggers, influencers and curators who reign social media and are forever creating waves in the social fashion sphere. This week we get in touch with blogger and make-up aficionado, Naina Ruhail! Her blog,…

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