Pro Tip: Share these cool memes with your #SpoylMyCampus invite link to score KOINZ


Today we have this awesome Pro-tip to share with you from none other than the current top scorer in #SpoylMyCampus – India’s first Inter-College Fashion Championship.

Interviewer: So Gaurav, congrats on crossing 3,00,000 KOINZ. You are the first one to unlock level Tony Stark. Wow! That’s awesome! How does it feel to win the Elite Leadership Certificate and Rs 2000 Paytm cash?

Gaurav: Thank you. It feels great.

Interviewer: With your score, you are not only leading your college to win #SpoylMyCampus, you are also eligible to win the lucky prizes: iPhone X, 12 Mi Phones, two Rs 50K wardrobe makeovers, JBL speakers, Sony Headphones, 1 Lac scholarships, 30K cash rewards etc. Which one would you like to win?

Gaurav: Of course, the iPhone X. The scholarship is also great.

Interviewer: Yes, who would not want to win the iPhone?

So, Gaurav, why don’t you tell our readers how you scored so much?

Gaurav: I tried a way that is somewhat new. I created memes on #SpoylMyCampus and shared it on popular FB and Insta pages along with my referral invite link. This way, people looked at my content and clicked on my link which got me a lot of sign ups.

Interviewer: How did you think of this idea?

Gaurav: I follow a lot of meme pages and I also contribute my content to these pages. If you make cool and funny memes, a lot of people view them. If your link is also there, you can get a lot of sign ups.

Interviewer: Can we see some of your memes?

Gaurav: Sure. Here it is.



So no more waiting!
Go ahead and Sign up to play #SpoylMyCampus
if you haven’t already.

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