Shopping! The one thing most of us look forward to almost every month. Sustainability! The new lifestyle trend that supports a cause, most of us admire. Summing up, we all love shopping and we all want to make a difference! How about combining the two? The best way to make the best out of our budget, save the environment and satisfy our shopping craze is to promote fashion re-commerce.

The concept of re-commerce is fairly simple. It is re- commercialising goods or second hand shopping! This concept utilises the potential of a product that still has a long way to go. How many times do we buy clothes and accessories and end up never wearing them? Re commerce is small way in which we can benefit the environment by re-cycling, re-using and re-loving preowned fashion.

Looking for a reason to try out second hand fashion? We bring you 6! Let us together make a big difference. After all it’s tiny drops of water that make a mighty ocean!

Check out these 6 reasons why we should promote fashion re-commerce 😍

1. It is green

Buying used fashion keeps items out of the landfill. Did you know that about 4% of all the landfills are filled with reusable fashion? Re-using also cuts down on manufacturing demands. This in turn means that less new clothes are produced, as well as less waste. It also extends the life of the products and saves the Earth.

2. Much more affordable

We can buy 3 products for the price of 1 with re-commerce. On an average second hand fashion is about 40 – 80% cheaper. They offer a great value to the money we spend.

3. The recycling mantra

Second hand fashion flows both ways. We can offer goods that we no longer use and find something for ourselves. Re-commerce lets us support the green living movement,  and feel a little bit guilty about our shopping sprees.

4. Brand name

We all love brands. Well, most of us worship brands. Luxury brands, which are otherwise beyond reach in terms of price, become accessible through re-commerce. It is a great way to suit our stylish ways and save a few bucks, right?

5. Ease of shopping

Thanks to all the new age technologies, we can now sit at our homes and carry out our re-commerce shopping as well. Say goodbye to all the hustle-bustle we have have to face in a garage sale, flea market or charity shop.

6. Shopping for a cause

Shopping is an essential part of our lives. Retail therapy most of us call it. Indulging in re-commerce is a good way to save the environment, promote the economy, and still shop for all that our hearts’ desires.

These are only a few of all the benefits of shopping second hand. Which reason inspired you the most? How do you promote fashion re-commerce? Drop in a comment and let us know 👇