Radhika Apte’s Latest Style Is Extremely Enchanting!

Radhika Apte's Style

Radhika Apte has made her way in Bollywood after a lot of ups and downs. After taking all pains, today she stands tall among leading Bollywood ladies who are garnering a lot of appreciation for their impeccable acting skills.The ‘Padman’ actress is an inspiration for females on the global level. One standout factor about the actress is that she has her distinctive style of fashion which is really captivating.

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In one of the media events in Mumbai, Radhika was spotted dressed all in black which bewitched everyone. Clad in a halter neck top and wide-legged pants which had pearl decorations on sides, the ‘Parched’ actress made a fascinating style statement.

To complete the look she wore pointed-toe, multi-colored footwear which gave an interesting appearance to her overall look.

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