4 Style Tips From The Birthday Boy Ranveer Singh

When individuality and fashion come together, there’s just one name that you can look forward to. The name’s Singh, Ranveer Singh. There’s no one else in Bollywood who can speak the language of fashion this loudly. If you are looking for some fashion inspiration, you have come to the right place. Extravagant, eccentric and daring are perhaps the words that define his style. Hey, but why are we suddenly talking about him? It’s his birthday, DUH!

As the star turns 33 today, here’s what you can learn from Ranveer Singh’s style. Let’s hear for him then.

1. Prints

Ranveer Singh
Image Source: Cash Karo

No one can do prints better than Ranveer Singh. If you think prints are too bold for you then it’s time you start worshipping Singh. No other Bollywood actor can pull off prints like him. Therefore, when it’s prints there has to be Ranveer Singh.

2. Go bold, go colors

Ranveer Singh
Image Source: Looksgud

Standing apart from the crowd is Ranveer Singh’s thing. He proves that suits need not be boring every time. No colour is too odd for him and he knows exactly how to carry it. Going for an event that calls for tuxedos? Here’s your inspiration.

3. Classics

Ranveer Singh
Image Source: Pinterest

Ranveer Singh believes in investing in some classics. Oxfords are staples for him. Be it formal or semi-formal, a good pair of classics will always make you stand out. We have got the feeling that you are soon going for a shopping spree and, we hope we are right.

4. Accessorize better

Ranveer Singh
Image Source: Mensxo

What? Who said accessories are only for girls? Don’t tell us this particular phrase was stopping you from getting it right all this time. Well, if this is what you are thinking you should probably look at this star and start accessorizing.

We wish a very happy birthday to Ranveer Singh and pray for more fashionable men on the street.