A Hostel dorm isn’t your average room. Some of the craziest and happiest memories of one’s life are made in university hostels. Although they are awesome, there is one downside to dormitories – the decor. Rooms are almost always painted white and furnished with ordinary beds, tables, chairs and cupboards. They look bland and boring, unless, of course, you decide to do something about it.

People will have you believe that redecoration is expensive. That is anything but the truth. All you need is a little time and creativity. Here are 8 fun things you can do to give your room a facelift.

8 Easy Ways To Redecorate Your Dorm

Beverage Bottles

redecorate your dorm - alcohol bottles

People just throw away their alcohol and soda bottles without realizing how fun they can be. From DIY candles to handwash dispensers to customized lamps, glass bottles can be repurposed into a lot of stuff that look cool. You can even simply wrap them with twinkle lights to a brilliant effect.

Wall Murals

redecorate your dorm - wall murals

While you can’t paint your dorm walls, you can still customize them. You can choose to use vinyl stickers, which are inexpensive but do look good on the walls. Or you can choose to use personalized, printable wall murals. Just print out multiple pictures you really like and put them up on the walls. You can also make use of “engineering print” if it’s available nearby to print out one big mural. Black and white is always best (simply because colour prints cost more!)

Make Your Own Headboard

redecorate your dorm - headboards

With all the white around, your bed will look like it’s just hanging there, completely disinterested. Well, why not make it interesting by adding a headboard? The simplest one can be made by cutting a cardboard to any shape you like and sticking a fabric with patterns on it.

Metal Waste Baskets

redecorate your dorm - metallic waste bins

While side tables look pretty, they are expensive AF. So we have gone with the next best thing – ‘Metal Waste Baskets’. Buy a cylindrical bin which has a nice pattern, and put it upside down next to your bed. Voila! Your side table is ready!

Potted Plants

redecorate your dorm -potted plants

This one is multi purposeful. Not only do they add a little green to your room, potted plants also keep mosquitoes away. It is always refreshing to wake up and look at the plants. They tend to bring a smile to your face. Just make sure to take good care of them and water them regularly.

Decorative Tapes

redecorate your dorm -washi tapes

Decorative tapes are a must have for all DIY decor projects. Taping them around your posters and sticking them in geometric shapes to create wallpapers are just a couple of things you can do with these glittering, multicoloured tapes. You can also check out Washi Tapes. They are made from natural fibres and are usually printed with pretty designs. 

Tea Cans

redecorate your dorm - tea cans

Most tea cans look vintage and classy. Once they are empty, you can use them to store your pens and other stationeries. Your table won’t look empty and boring anymore.

Floor Cushions

redecorate your dorm - floor cushions

Dorm rooms aren’t really big enough to cram in extra furniture. But then you can’t keep your friends out, can you? This is when floor cushions come in handy. Not only are they inexpensive, using bright coloured ones will also add to your rooms fun quotient.

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