Second-Hand Phones

Smartphones are like casual flings. After a point, you just get bored and look for a new adventure. But why should that change be expensive? There is no need to blow your hard earned money on something that is ever changing. With recommerce shopping becoming a major rager, the age of second-hand phones is at a new high.

Here’s why buying/selling a second-hand phone is the smartest move yet!

5 Reasons Why The Age Of Second-Hand Phones Is Slowly Rising!


Second-Hand PhonesYou save more money buying second-hand phones than the brand new top notch models that come out every day. If you’re anything like me, more savings equals more shopping!

2.They Won’t Disappoint

Second-Hand Phones

Because they have been tried and tested before, these unboxed products have an upper hand over the new phones. Their usage and reliability have been guaranteed by their previous owners, who may also share in-depth reviews of which features work.

3.You Get What You Want

Second-Hand PhonesSecond-hand phones come in all shapes and sizes. There is much more variety out there than the exclusive line of brand new mobile phones. You never know when you might find “the one” that will make you happy.

4.Being Eco-friendly

Second-Hand PhonesWith the world slowly turning toxic by the minute, second-hand phones are a vastly eco-friendly and recyclable option. With all the plastic and other junk that goes into making our phones, isn’t it time we try to, in Michael Jackson’s words, “heal the world and make it a better place”.

5.What’s The Wait For?

Second-Hand PhonesWith online shopping at a peak, there is no doubt that the phone you just ordered will take time to arrive. Why wait when you can just walk over to the seller and get it? Apps like Spoyl have features that connect you to nearby buyers and sellers.

With its latest launch of the Mobiles Category all over India, it is now easier to get a second-hand phone. Spoyl provides an interactive platform, the “Chat” feature for the buyer and seller to negotiate on. The buyer can find out more about the product and its quality by meeting with the buyer. This is facilitated by using the app’s “Nearby” feature to find sellers around you. Meet the buyer and BAM! Get your “new” phone.

Please Note: Spoyl is not responsible for the product quality and/or delivery or pickup of the product. These have to be fulfilled by the buyer and seller.

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