Welcome to the Seriously Spoyld feature series!

A chat with the top Indian bloggers, influencers and curators who reign social media and are forever creating waves in the social fashion sphere.

This week we get in touch with a blogger, who is not only a lady of many talents but is also known for her bubbly nature, her trendy style and as she herself likes to put it, her ‘crazy’ nature.

So hop on for a crazy ride with La Chica Loca!

Q: Model, stylist, an MBA grad, photographer, graphic designer and now star blogger and famed fashionista. How do you do it all? How did the blogger label get added to your extensive and impressive resume?

A: I am the sort of person who loves pushing her limits and learning new things, which got me into doing so many things that are so different from each other. Ever since I was a kid, I had an inclination towards fashion and modeling. During my graduation I did modeling for a while which I had to leave for MBA. After completing my education, while working at a multinational advertising agency I started my blog. My love for fashion and this industry never faded out and I started blogging religiously. My blog picked up really fast and I became a full time blogger for my eternal love of fashion.


Q: You have creatively crafted your blog name ‘La Chica Loca’ into quite a brand. What distinguishes you from the girl behind La Chica Loca and you simply as Aakriti Rana?

La Chica Loca

A: La Chica Loca is The Crazy Girl in Spanish and it completely defines me. I am exactly the same girl that I depict on my blog. I have a very versatile style and I am not afraid to try new things. Whether it’s wearing sneakers with everything or aviators with traditional outfits, I love going all out with my style. La Chica Loca is a platform where I get creative with my style, tell people about what’s the latest trend I like and let people see who I really am.


Q:You say that you are an army girl and as such have been put up at various places all over the country. Has this played any factor in shaping your style or fashion or gives you inspiration for future concepts?

A: Army background is my biggest strength and I am a very proud daughter of a serving Major General. Ever since I was born, I have been studying at places like Leh Ladakh in -20 degrees , Srinagar, Shillong and remote places which you won’t have heard about. Army background makes us very amiable, confident, gives us a lot of exposure to different cultures, helps us in making friends from all over India and it definitely helped me in building my versatile style statement. It taught me the variations in the different styles that people follow in different part of the country too. So it played a big part in building my style statement, my blog and making me understand how I should be working to build my future.


Q: Congratulations on your nuptials! #AakritiWedsParleen was religiously followed with much excitement by so many followers and friends. How was the experience? Do share with us some insider tips when it comes to handling Indian wear and preparing for wedding functions!

La Chica Loca

A: Thank you so much! The experience was absolutely amazing. Those 3 days were indeed the best days of my life and I felt all sorts of emotions flowing through me. I was happy, excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. Well, you should definitely start preparing for your wedding almost a year in advance. Last few months will drive you crazy so it’s better to be prepared well in advance. Since I like designing clothes, I made sure to wear one of my own outfits at atleast one function and rest were bought 2 months in advance to make sure I can shop for matching jewellery/ shoes and have my whole wedding setup according to same color themes.


Q: What do you think are going to be the big hits for the forthcoming fashion season? What are you personally looking for?

A: I thing cold shoulder tops and dresses are going to make it really big and they will stay in fashion for a while. I personally love high waist denims, crop-tops, cold shoulder outfits and summer hats.


Q: You have a lot of followers to your blog. How did you achieve this? Was there ever a time when you had say only one follower? Once you’ve got the followers how do you keep them?

La Chica Loca

A: I achieved good following by posting good content religiously and making sure to shoot as much as I can. I think if you put your mind into what you love, give it your precious time and work hard then success would come easily to you. I realized what I want to do and started working towards my goal very passionately. I started blogging when I had Instagram standing of over 4k followers, so my blog initially also got decent views. To keep my followers, I just make sure to post regular content, give them what they are looking forward to, diversify into areas like youtubing and work on good content.


Q: Which product in your closet has been there the longest? Something that you just cannot let go of?

A: My favorite pair of high waist denims has been in my closet since long now. I love wearing crop tops so I definitely cannot do without it. I love collecting denims in all different materials, patterns and colours but a classic blue high waist pair of denims is a must for me.


Q: What’s your favourite fashion film? Who plays a heavy influence in your life when it comes to style?

La Chica Loca

A: Breakfast at Tiffany’s featuring Audrey Hepburn has to be my all time favourite fashion film. I have always thought of Audrey Hepburn as an amazing fashion icon and this fashion film shows her as a naive, eccentric and extremely extrovert society girl living in the swanky East Side of New York City. My love for little black dress and big sunnies started from there. I follow a lot of international bloggers and designers, my inspiration comes from them and I myself love experimenting with new trends every season.


Q: Do you have any fashion rules when putting together an outfit?

A: I believe fashion follows no rule and we should never bind fashion with any sorts of norms. There are just certain things that don’t suit my style and I make sure not to wear them. I don’t like print on print outfits put together and neither do I understand mixing of certain colors that don’t go together on a colour palette. But nonetheless, I love trying out styles that go out of my comfort zone too as you never know when you yourself make a unique style statement and people start following it.


Q: Who do you think desperately needs a stylist in Bollywood? How would you style them?

La Chica Loca

Image source: www.frokpy.com | MW Magazine

A: I think Parineeti Chopra is absolutely amazing but she definitely needs a good stylist to understand her style and dress her up in ways to make her stand out. I completely adore Sonam Kapoor’s style and she makes sure to make heads turn every time she makes an entrance. Parineeti on the other hand is pretty, confident and bubbly, but her style is a little tricky and I would love to experiment with her in jumpsuits/ peplum outfits instead of those long flowy gowns.


Q: What would you say are the quintessential needs for anyone who wants to start out as a blogger?

A: I just did a video on my YouTube Channel “Pretty Little Things” about this most talking about topic. I would suggest the readers to go through the video for all details but the basic point to keep in mind is that you should be passionate about what you want to do. If you genuinely love fashion and not all the perks that come with blogging then get into this as your unique sense of fashion will only make you stand apart from the crowd and make you do well.


Q: What’s the next big thing for you?

La Chica Loca

A: Like I mentioned above, I love designing my outfits so I plan to start my own label of clothing soon. I have started working on it and hopefully I will reveal everything about it soon.