Razors have been identified from many Bronze age cultures and today razor is one of the most popular beauty items that we just can’t do without. A razor is a bladed tool  primarily used in the removal of unwanted body hair through the act of shaving, which you all know, but most of the times we are scared to use it because of certain shaving myths! So, let us tell you few facts that you did not know!

Here are 6 interesting shaving myths that you (probably) don’t know!!

1. Razors doesn’t make the skin dry

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Ditch that soap or shaving cream and use shaving gels to keep your skin more moist. So shift fast ladies, you don’t need that sorta evil in life.

2. Totally  fine to use “down there”

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What you do know is, that’s a sensitive area. Using a different razor than the one you use for your body hair, light touch and gentle strokes are the key. Use a lotion (alcohol free) to soothe the area after the shave and you are ready. Flaunt that bikini, girl..

3. Blunt razors will give you cuts

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Look out!!  Those cartridges need replacement. The indicator strips fades after about three or four uses, a clear sign that the blades are becoming blunt.

4. Straight strokes are the key

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A shorter razor stroke  for tighter areas like knees, while longer strokes will work like a charm on legs and underarms. But remember ladies, keep those strokes straight as an arrow!!

5. Shaving doesn’t cause your hair to grow back thicker

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When hairs grow out naturally, they taper at a sharp point, so they look thinner. However, shaving hair cuts it at a blunt angle so hairs look thicker. The bluntness of the re-grown hair may feel coarser and thicker.

6. And yes! Men and women use different razors

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Women’s razors have a head that is more rounded. And most of the women’s razors are designed for making it economical and convenient. Hence girl, choosing to shave over other forms of hair removal is an absolute jackpot.

  ……..and hello smooth skin

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