We all remember the gorgeous Shreeradhe from Splitsvilla Season 9 and for those who needs an introduction- Shree worked in two of MTV’s shows and she worked in several other modeling shows like Miss Matinee 2014 and Miss Campus Princess. She also participated in Miss Diva Universe in 2014. Shree later got a chance to work in the ninth season of Splitsvilla and she got a lot of fame after working in this show.


She also appeared in advertisements of Reliance, Parachute Hair Oil, and Mc Donalds India. Shree was also featured on the cover page of Femina in 2014.

Being a Spoylr for last few months, she says, “Spoyl is an amazing platform to sell/buy clothes and other accessories in India.”

She further added that selling is simple on Spoyl and she makes up to 7-10K per month and uses the money to buy new items for her closet.

We got Shreeradhe to answer what made her join Spoyl and why she loves getting Spoylt! So Here’s what she said:

Q 1. How did you get to know about Spoyl?

Ans. I was googling where to sell old clothes and I had tonnes in a good condition. So that’s how I discovered Spoyl.

Q 2. Have you suggested the app to anyone?

Ans. Yes, suggested it to quite a few people & they love it.

Q 3. What made to join Spoyl?

Ans. I wanted to pass on my clothes which didn’t fit me/ I was bored of/ couldn’t repeat and get a decent price for it. Thus, I found Spoyl the best platform to exchange old for new.

Q 4. How do you promote your Spoyl closet?

Ans. Mostly through Instagram and I think the engagement over there is very impressive.

Q 5. What do you like the best about the Spoyl app?

Ans. It’s very easy to use and it’s a big market place for a variety of items.

Q 6. What do you think about Spoyl’s Customer Care Service?

Ans. I think the customer care is really nice and responds to my queries super fast.


Q 7. Why you think second-hand items are good?

Ans. Being a girl I buy a lot of things very impulsively, but end up not using them or liking them so much. Spoyl helps me clear my closet at the same time I can shop items at prices lower than their MRP.
Q 8. Do you think there is a stereotype amongst Indians when it comes to using second-hand items?

Ans. Yes, people kinda make a face if you tell them that you are buying things second-hand- but with time and the western influence I think the mentality is changing and people have started seeing the value in it.


Q 9. If yes, then why we must overcome it?

Ans.  I think it’s important to understand that there is a prominent group who wants to wear branded clothes, but may not be able to afford it at the MRP. If the same clothes are available second0hand, in decent condition, then what’s the problem?

Q 10. How much do you make on Spoyl per month by selling on Spoyl?

Ans. I earn up to 6-7 K per month by selling on Spoyl. It is a great way to update my closet as the money I make I use it to buy new items on Spoyl and that way I never have to repeat an outfit.


So guys, what are you waiting for? Download the Spoyl app and shop from Shreeradhe’s Spoyl closet!