Call it the photo revolution if you will, selfies have become as routine as breathing. There’s no chance you’re stepping for a day or night out without clicking an #ootd or #ootn. Hell, it even has a song on it! Needless to say, we love a good selfie but there’s always room for improvement, are we right ladies?

The perfect selfie is not an urban myth and thanks to some sneaky tricks and life-saving apps, your selfie game can be strong. Very strong! Selfie rookie? We’re going to give the 101 and dish out the best deets to get that perfect selfie. Read on!

How to Take The Perfect Selfie!


1. Take a Million of Them



You’ve got to shoot a dozen times before you ace your target! One? Two? Never enough! Someone once said, “Try try till you succeed and you shall finally get a good selfie amongst the many”. Okay, maybe not, but it’s still true!

2. Lighting is KEY


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Do not ever underestimate the importance of lighting. It’s the deciding factor between an average and a total glam outfit selfie. Less light is unappealing anyway, and too much lighting makes you look white and washed-out due to the exposure. Go for natural light when you can, or simply keep turning around in a circle in a  room to find the best lighting. Or, you could even stand with your back against the light and let some through and on your face, ever so slightly to create a cool halo effect or have some shadow play! Something’s got to do justice to your outfit, makeup and beauty game! And this is it!

3. Use Filters Sparingly


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Filters were created for a reason, to give your selfies the look you want! That said, it’s unadvisable to go overboard and OTT with them. Put down the Toaster filter and the borders and no one gets hurt, ladies. Adjust the lighting subtly if you have to, but unless the filter is flattering, we’d so say you stick to the safe trifecta – Valencia, Mayfair and Walden – favourites amongst the celebrities!

4. Use Editing Apps



Everything is about ~aesthetic~ these days. Are you a monochrome person? A square shaped feed person? Or simply love making flatlays? Either way, using an editing app will pay off. It can make the right things pop in an image and have the unflattering bits done away with. We highly recommend Snapseed and VSCO!


5. Find the right angle



Good angles determine the perfect selfie! You can go high or low but with caution. A higher angle is a good way to soften your features and with good lighting can highlight the structure of your face beautifully. Make sure not to go too high though, you don’t want to look like you’re from the MySpace era- so 2007! Same way, low angles are a good way to highlight your jaw and other features. Going too low might show a double chin or the insides of your nostrils and no one wants to show that! If you’re more of a face straight into the camera kind of girl, tilt your head at a slight angle to give it a softer and more feminine vibe.

And if all else fails..



Just be yourself! People will love you any way!

Happy Clicking! 📷


Spoyl 101: How to Take The Perfect Selfie