Spoyl Ends Recommerce

Change is inevitable and that is true even for visionaries. Like every ambitious establishment, Spoyl too had a great vision – to become a leader in the fashion industry. While our destination remains the same, the path to it has changed or we’d rather say – evolved.

As you all know, for the better part of two years we have served as a dependable platform, offering you best-in-class services in the second-hand fashion industry.

Our learnings being in the Indian fashion e-commerce industry for the past two years have helped us identify potential gaps and a lot of actionable insights for us to act on. Starting May 1st, we are transforming ourselves into a platform that will help and build entrepreneurs; With the aim of empowering resellers to source high-quality fashion at competitive prices.

So what does that mean to our existing buyers and sellers?

People are going to get a new-look Spoyl from the 1st of May. Following are a few important information and dates that current Spoyl users should be aware of.

  1. Buy via Spoyl – The option to ‘Buy via Spoyl’ will stop on April 20th. Which means we will not handle delivery for any sale that takes place through the platform after the 20th.
  2. Pickup & Delivery – In case of ‘pickup’ (for sellers) and ‘delivery’ (for buyers), 25th of April is the last day we will be providing those services. So ensure you wrap up all transactions well in advance in order to keep things hassle-free.
  3. Spoyl Money – Again, April 30th is the last day for cashing out your Spoyl Money. Until such time, it will remain untouched. We urge you to cash out your Spoyl Money at the earliest.

We maybe closing one door but at the same time we are opening another. It is a chance for you to start your own clothing business. We are offering a few special benefits to our existing customers who are resellers or want to become resellers.  In order to access these benefits, please fill/ answer this form.

For any further enquiry write to us at care@spoyl.in or contact 8884851551. For financial queries please contact 8884951551.