Spoyl Groups

As a company, Spoyl’s ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. We strive every day to come up with new ideas to give you a better experience. Our new feature, Groups, is another step in that direction. Since it rolled out, the Groups feature has helped sellers expand their horizon and has provided more buying options to customers.

It’s been almost a fortnight since we launched Groups. In this period, we have seen sales rise by 18.8%, which comes as no surprise. Since Groups are communities for people with similar interests, finding buyers and sellers becomes easy.

Preksha Mehta

One seller who has profited from Groups is Preksha Mehta. Her Spoyl store Tiaaarara, which deals with clothes and accessories, has seen a significant spike in sales. Prior to Groups, she used to sell 3-4 products a day. That number has risen to 6-8 in the last couple of weeks.

So how do you become a super seller like Preksha with the help of Groups?

Step 1: Join a Group that interest you or are relevant to the products you sell

Step 2: Invite your friends and followers to join the Group

Step 3: Have healthy discussions about latest trends and products

Step 4: Post products that are listed in your closet on the Group

Step 5: Post at regular intervals and respond to queries at the earliest.

What are the things you should avoid?

When we say post regularly, we don’t mean spam. Spamming is annoying and you will lose your credibility.

Do not post anything that is irrelevant to the group or that isn’t in your closet. By doing that, you risked being kicked out of a Group.

If you have any refreshing new idea for a Group, you can request for the Group and we’ll create it for you. You become pretty much the owner of the Group and it is your duty to maintain its decorum. We will always keep an eye on the group but will not interfere unless we really need to.

Make sure you utilize the Groups feature and take advantage of its capabilities. Promote your closet and watch your sales go through the rooftop.

Get on the Spoyl app and check out the Groups feature today!