You have known Spoyl as a mobile classifieds app that makes selling as easy as taking a photo, buying as simple as chatting. Then why limit ourselves to the world of Fashion, when there are so many other stuff we can trade to make life more meaningful, and the world a better place- After all what is OLD for you could be NEW for someone else.

So Here You Go…

Just for you, we have launched plenty of NEW CATEGORIES to help you declutter your life, start a business and shop great deals wherever you go.

1. Mum & Kids

During pregnancy we get showered with countless number of mom and baby products. Before we know it, we even outgrow them.

Just take a look at the things that are around unused. We hear you guys, and that is exactly why we bring you a Mom And Kids section wherein you can sell all your maternity wear, infant wear, toys and other baby products.

2. Sports & Outdoors

Remember that racket you bought because of your love for Roger Federer? It’s been there for a while, sitting idle and collecting dust! Let it have its moment in life. Let it be of use to an aspiring player.
List it under our Sports And Outdoors section. This section takes care of Sports equipments, fitness gadgets, indoor games, luggage, travel, camping and hiking among others.

3. Home & Living

Is that new lovely bed cover you bought? But it is a bit too short for your bed? How about re-selling it and getting a new one? Sounds good right? Take a look at our new Home And Living section, which deals with home decor, bed and linen, kitchenware, lamps, lanterns and much more…

4. Beauty & Cosmetics

You asked for more and that’s exactly what we bring you. It came to our notice that you love our cosmetics section. So, we decided to take it ahead and expand it to your liking. This expanded category deals with body care, hair care, make-up, perfumes and deodorants, beauty appliances, pouches, brushes and the like.

 5. Gifting & Tickets

Got your hands on a few extra passes for that ‘talk of the town concert’? We suggest you sell those to the other die hard fans and make a few bucks in the process! Sounds cool, right?
Yes, that is exactly what our Gifting And Tickets category is! In this category we deal with tickets, gift vouchers, gifting items, party supplies, festive crafts, collectibles and arts and crafts.

6. Books & Stationery

Ever bought that gorgeous journal just because you couldn’t take your eyes off it? Or those Best Sellers, which you are done reading and now those are just gathering dusts on the book shelf? It happens to most of us.

Don’t worry, all those things could mean a lot to someone else. So what are you waiting for? Upload those things in our Books And Stationary section. We deal with a range of subcategories like fiction, non-fiction, children, educational, notebooks, journals, diaries, posters and what not!

7. Women’s Fashion

Duh! This section ain’t new to you! We have dealt with Fashion from the very beginning, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything new for you there. Fashion still remains our core category! We have cleansed, refreshed and come up with whole new categories to enhance the experience and have fashion at your fingertips!
We go a long way to ensure that we have all you need. There is nothing we love as much as spoyling our Spoylers. 


We hope you love all these categories as much as you loved Fashion! Hurry up! No time to waste, go and take a look at all that we have in store for you. Make the best out of it and Spoyl yourself more!:)