An entrepreneur by profession, Preksha Mehta manages her Instagram store Tiaaarara with utmost sincerity, while pursuing her MBA. She is open to any opportunity that helps with the growth of her business. That’s how she started out on Spoyl.We recently caught up with this serial seller to learn about her experience on Spoyl.

Spoyl Team- Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Preksha- I’m currently pursuing my MBA from Sikkim Manipal University after completing my bachelor’s in business from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. I would describe myself as a traveler by choice and a nature lover by heart. I love writing poetry about nature. I also run an online store on INSTAGRAM – TIAAARARA STORES.

Spoyl Team- How did you learn about spoyl?

Preksha- Spoyl was a sponsor for one of our college fests. That’s how I came across the Spoyl app and found an instant opportunity to grow my business reach. Also, when I got to know more about Spoyl, the flexibility and transparency on the app made me believe in its values even more. The main advantage of the Spoyl app was its ‘CASH ON DELIVERY’ service. To my surprise, orders kept multiplying every day and this was a boost to my business too. And that’s how my journey with Spoyl began.

Spoyl Team- What is life like as a Seller on Spoyl?

Preksha- Life as a seller on Spoyl can be quoted as “easy earning, sitting at home”. I didn’t want to step into the corporate world and do the regular 10-8 job cycle. Entrepreneurship has always attracted me, and hence I chose the “road less traveled “. It feels good to sell on this platform and receiving good reviews boosts my confidence.

Spoyl Team- How much sales have you made through Spoyl?
Preksha- I have sold close to 1700 products successfully on Spoyl. I make sales of around 25k a month.

Spoyl Team- What do you do with the money you make on spoyl?

Preksha- To list out a few things:

  1. I gifted my brother a DSLR camera.
  2. Gifted my dad an iPhone 7 as a surprise during our trip to Dubai
  3. I gave 5000 to my maid for her daughter’s education
  4. I bought myself a bike I was longing for.
  5. I have also saved some money for emergency purposes.

Spoyl Team- How regular are you on the app?

Preksha- I log in to the app at least 3 times a day either to buy or sell. This keeps me updated about the contests and campaigns running on spoyl and fetch me attractive discounts.

Spoyl Team- What are the steps you follow to make a guaranteed sale on the app?

Preksha- The things I keep in mind to make a guaranteed sale are very easy to follow.

  1. Uploading Regularly
  2. Affordable Pricing
  3. Great Product Quality
  4. Good pictures

Spoyl Team- What would you pick as your favourite feature on the app?

Preksha- I love the nearby feature and the coupon codes the most. Nearby, because I met a customer on spoyl who lives in the neighborhood. She is now a regular buyer, who comes almost every month to shop accessories from me.  We have become really good friends now.

Spoyl Team- What’s your most memorable experience/ encounter with the app?

Preksha- There was a time when ZERO COMMISSION listing was going on. And I remember, I had close to 50 orders, which was an overwhelming experience. It was truly a day of immense happiness along with a newfound motivation for working harder. I wish Spoyl grows every day and gives us good offers, to both sell and buy. Lots of love to the spoyl team for being so good to me every time and replying quickly to my queries.

Spoyl Team– How do you feel Spoyl has become part of your life?

Preksha- Spoyl is an integral part of my life now. My day starts and ends with spoyl by placing, confirming and packaging orders. I tell everyone I come across about spoyl, and make them use the app for good reasons like affordable shopping, decluttering their closet & easy source of pocket money. There has never been an issue in terms of money for goods sold. My wish is to see spoyl among the top startups in the near future.

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