A higher secondary teacher by profession, Manali found it hard to continue with her profession after the birth of her child. Since she didn’t want to stay away from him for long hours, she decided to venture into something that would let her work from home. That’s how she started out on Spoyl.We recently caught up with this serial seller to learn about her experience on Spoyl

Spoyl Team- Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Manali– I would describe myself as a family orientated & honest person. I love to paint, listen to music, learn new things, and spend time with my baby boy  & family. And of course being on spoyl & stay connected with customers.

Spoyl Team- How did you learn about spoyl?

Manali– As I am an active and talkative person, I entered into this business. This helped me work without compromising the time I spend with my boy Medhvik and my family. My husband Pural Pandya suggested the Spoyl App when he came across it on google.

Spoyl Team- What is life like as a Seller on Spoyl?

Manali– My experience with Spoyl has been great so far. The popularity of your channel & the wide network helped me improve my business easily. Now, spoyl is my daily activity and I love learning & doing business. I received so much positive response from customers. I started my business on spoyl as a reseller before 2 months. Now my business is on Spoyl, Facebook business page, Instagram business page, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, you name it. Every day I share the spoyl link on all these apps to improve my reach.

Spoyl Team- How much sales have you made through Spoyl?

Manali– In the past couple of months, I have earned around 65000Rs. That’s Rs. 30000 or more each month.

Spoyl Team- What do you do with the money you make on spoyl?

Manali– My dream of contributing to charities became true. I give a fixed 30 percent of my earnings to charity. From the money I make, I get to purchase food, gifts etc. to give to charity.

Spoyl Team- How regular are you on the app?

Manali– Spoyl has become a part of my life. On a daily basis, I upload around 5-6 products. I work on spoyl till 2-3 o’clock at night.

Spoyl Team- What are the steps you follow to make a guaranteed sale on the app?

Manali– My guaranteed sales are based on my honesty & hard work. Every day I make sure to upload 5-6 products. I have my own designer, she helps me upload good quality products at competitive price. I offer discounts for the next purchase a customer makes from my closet. I’m very active on chats and give satisfactory answers to my valuable customers. I also maintain a Facebook business page that helps me understand marketing through social handles.

Spoyl Team- What would you pick as your favourite feature on the app?

Manali– Chat. Because chat is a good medium to connect with my customers. Of course, notifications and offers are great too.

Spoyl Team- What’s your most memorable experience/ encounter on the app?

Manali– There are way too many experiences that I find it hard to pick just one. Customers giving me positive responses and them liking my products could be mentioned as the best experiences. These instances lead to a huge demand for a new product every day. It’s very encouraging for me to upload more trendy and good quality products.

Manali concluded by saying how the app keeps her involved all the time yet gives enough time to spend with her family. She even stays up late at night to finish up all her daily activities on Spoyl.

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