A software engineer by profession, Nita Saikai is moving to the US for her PhD. She was looking for an easy and fast way to sell her stuff. That’s how she started out on Spoyl.We recently caught up with this new seller to learn about her experience on Spoyl.

Spoyl Team- Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Nita- I’m from Assam. Currently working at Hyderabad as a software engineer, I’m moving out of the country to pursue my doctorate.

Spoyl Team- How did you learn about spoyl?

Nita- I was searching for a platform where I could sell my stuff as easy and fast as it gets. I came across Spoyl on google and decided to give it a try.  

Spoyl Team- What is life like as a Seller on Spoyl?

Nita- Two words – easy and convenient. I downloaded the app 15-20 days ago and the response was amazing, I got 5-10 orders on the very first day.

Spoyl Team- How much sales have you made through Spoyl?

Nita- Within this short period I have uploaded 100 products and sold 69 products. So far I have made around 17000 from my sales.

Spoyl Team- What do you do with the money you make on spoyl?

Nita- I  started on Spoyl to make good use out of my stuff here at home. But with the response, I’m receiving I am saving up a lot more than I expected. I am planning on using the amount to aid my shifting process and PhD.  

Spoyl Team- How regular are you on the app?

Nita- Even though I recently started out on Spoyl, I  make sure to be active everyday and make regular uploads.

Spoyl Team- What are the steps you follow to make a guaranteed sale on the app?

Nita- There are no special methods to make a guaranteed sale but certain things I regularly follow are:

Upload frequently

Picture quality

Good negotiation skills

Low prices

Alternate options/variety

Spoyl Team- What would you pick as your favourite feature on the app

Nita- The one thing I would like to specially mention is how the app has a user-friendly interface. The app has a nice design and the layout is clean and crisp to understand.  The chat feature is very easy to use and helps a lot with the sales.

Spoyl Team- What’s your most memorable experience/ encounter on the app?

Nita- My motto was to get rid of stuff not to earn money when I started uploading the products I was shocked by the response I received. People were actually interested to buy second-hand stuff and it changed my mind about the same. So I believe Spoyl made a difference in my life by changing my perspective.