Ah, Mumbai! The city of dreams, steamy cutting chai and its notorious shopping markets! From one stretch to the other and everything in between, the city is a playground for all things fashion with its local markets and maddening city culture. Everything about it fosters a vibrant atmosphere and sense of being that makes you want to consume it and get lost in its chaotic beauty. What would Mumbai really be without its shopping markets? When you hear ‘Mumbai” itself  ‘Colaba Causeway’, ‘Bandra’ or ‘Lokhandwala’ pops in your head! And sure Street Shopping in Mumbai offers a good deal but do you know those little treasure troves with the best in fashionable clothes and amazing deals?

So listen up and let us be your virtual guide to take you through the cities famous markets and explore those homes of mind-blowing merchandise!

Street Shopping in Mumbai

1. Pax, Colaba Causeway, Colaba Causeway | Churchgate

Street Shopping in Mumbai

Photo credit: Primark

– If you’re breezing down Colaba causeway, this store is sure to catch your attention. Housing clothes for both, men and women, it is safe to say that Pax is your to-be go-to savior for budget fashion shopping. It also has items from a few fashion brands like Primark. Acid washed denim shirts, Kimonos and everything that is the latest in fashion trends; you’re going to find it at this little goldmine

2. Jewelry Stall opposite Parison women & children wear, Hill road | Bandra

Street Shopping in Mumbai

Photo credit: Accessorize

– Tired of the regular jewelry you find in every corner of the street? This place is for you! This little stall opposite Parison’s, tucked away in the innards of Hill road is an awesome find. We love the pieces they store! Rhinestone necklaces, tasselled earrings and bracelets and lovely accessories like layered necklaces and hair ornaments similar to the likes of Accessorize, Here! Here! Here!

3. Cotton Color, Colaba causeway | Churchgate

Street Shopping in Mumbai

Photo credit: River Island

– Cotton Color, also like Pax is located in the heart of Colaba causeway. It has been around since years and has clothes for all genders and sizes focusing on young fashion. It has a plethora of items that are unseen and unusual, and getting a good deal on it doesn’t hurt either! Be sure not to give this one a miss if you’re visiting Colaba causeway. Ka-ching!

4. La Judi, Hill Road | Bandra

Street Shopping in Mumbai

Photo credit: Missguided

– La Judi is located at the beginning of Hill road, and honestly what better way to begin your day shopping at this place. Shop new fashion at this store, which houses some seriously cool shoes, way different to other street finds. What’s more? The salesman will give you a good bargain price! 750/- for a pair of Gladiator Sandals? Take my money! Take all of it!

5. B.K Garments, Lokhandwala | Andheri West

Street Shopping in Mumbai

Photo credit: Grazia Shop

– Ladies, looking for budget shopping? Affordable fashion more like? Look hither. The shop stores some great items and if you dig some further you may find some really amazing pieces. Items here are not only super nice but are also set at amazing prices and if you bargain right, you could even get it for half the quoted price! *whips out wallet*

So if you’re already a Mumbaikar or looking at visiting the city, do not forget to check out these stores and make the best of your Street Shopping in Mumbai.

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*All images represent products similar to those available at listed stores*
*cover photo credit: IndinHoliday

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