Style Tips

From Gregory Peck to Brad Pitt, people have always adored celebrities for their fashion sense. There’s no real secret to looking smart as many would have you think. All you need is the right fit and few other tricks up your sleeve! Here are 10 essential fashion tips that every man should know.

Giveaway or sell anything you don’t wear anymore

Style Tips - sell old clothes

If you haven’t worn a particular piece from your wardrobe for more than a year, you probably don’t fancy it anymore. So why let it rot? Give it away or better yet, sell it for a good price. Apps like Spoyl could come real handy in such situations.

If it’s not tailor-made, then take it to the tailor

Style Tips - tailor-made

When it comes to clothes, nothing beats ‘tailor-made’. But if you fancy ready-made clothes, at least make it a point to take it to a tailor and adjust it.

Look for quality rather than quantity

Style Tips - Quality not quantity

Like all things in life, spending wisely also holds good in case of fashion. While buying multiple, less expensive clothes seems like a good choice, more often than not their quality is questionable. Hence, it is better to spend on fewer, high-quality apparel.

Jeans are great but so are chinos

Style Tips - Chinos

Wearing a good pair of denim is always the safest option. That can now also be said of chinos. Like your jeans, if you get the quality and colour right, chinos will never disappoint you.

Measure your favourites

Style Tips - shirt sizes

Check the size and measurement of your favourite piece of clothing or the ones which people say you look good in. This’ll help you pick out new clothes that fit you well.

Learn to roll shirt sleeves differently

Style Tips - rolling up sleeves

Unlike women’s fashion, there isn’t a lot of variety you can bank on. So you have to make do with what you already have. One of the major style hacks for men are the sleeve rolls. Learn as many different ways as possible.

If you want multiple jackets, choose to buy used – Cheaper

Style Tips - jackets

Layering is a good way to up your fashion quotient. Owning a bunch of jackets is always good. But their pricing could be an obstacle for many. We recommend used jackets. Spoyl can come in handy here, as we only handle good quality products.

White shirts are must-haves

Style Tips - white shirt

White shirts are an important part of every guy’s wardrobe. Even when all your options are exhausted, you can turn to your whites. You can match them with trousers of almost every colour and they give you an aura of grandeur.

Patterns are important

Style Tips - choose your pattern

Wear broad checks to add some extra weight and breadth. If you are looking to slim down your appearance, vertical stripes are the way to go.

Finally, don’t be a sucker for brands

Style Tips - branded clothes

Buying clothes just for their label is a dying trend. You can and should instead look at the material and quality. You can always find apparels of superior quality at lower prices if you start ignoring the labels.

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