Surabhi Pisal - Fashion Blogger

Surabhi Pisal loves western wear. Period! But that does not mean she is averse to ethnic collections. She likes to experiment by adding traditional elements to western outfits and that defines her.

All About Surabhi Pisal

Surabhi Pisal - Fashion Blogger

Her decision to become a fashion blogger was completely natural, without any external influence. She knew what she loved and she knew this was her path.

A critic of sorts, Surabhi Pisal gives honest and detailed reviews about the latest and most popular fashion trends on her blog. Surabhi’s special fondness for floral collections is also quite evident from the blog.

Surabhi Pisal - Fashion Blogger

Surabhi Pisal believes that there is a healthy, creative competition among fashion bloggers in India. She also emphasizes on the fact that, consciously or subconsciously, most bloggers take inspiration from each other. She sees this as a positive because it usually ends up in the creation of beautiful outfits which are amalgamations of multiple cultures.

While people take inspiration from one another, Surabhi believes that bloggers can become successful only if they are true to themselves and stick to their identity.

Surabhi Pisal - Fashion Blogger

Sonam Kapoor is someone Surabhi looks up to. She likes how Sonam breaks social norms and makes her own style statement.

Surabhi believes that men’s fashion, especially in India, has come a long way. It is only a matter of time before it was on par with women’s fashion.

Surabhi Pisal - Fashion Blogger

Surabhi also highlights the fact that high quality, branded clothes do not wear that easily. Which means people can get their hands on amazing products at extremely low prices if they decide to shop second-hand. A lot of people misinterpret the term second-hand. These are, more often than not, clothes which are worn only a few times. People sell, not because these products are damaged but rather because they don’t use them anymore.

Surabhi Pisal now has her own closet on Spoyl app. Download and check out her awesome collections today.

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