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5 Must-Read Books For All Parents

When you’re a new parent or about to be one, you can expect certain emotions and thoughts to unfailingly bug you. We mean panic, anxiety, self-doubt or even terror.  But you’re not alone. There are millions of other parents going through the same emotions. Having a child and nurturing them…

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6 Books That Every College Student Should Read

College is the time when we break the shackles of adolescence and truly become adults. We start learning new things, about responsibility and about life itself. And sometimes we are expected to make judgement calls. When the time falls upon us to take a mature decision, we often face difficulties…

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6 Things That Are Better Bought Second Hand

There are many people who cringe when they hear, ‘second hand’. Although it sounds unattractive, buying used goods makes the most sense both financially and environmentally. Used products are mostly affordable and don’t require new resources for production. So here are 6 things that are better bought second hand. 6…

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Spoyl Garage 4.0
Spoyl Stories


The SPOYL garage sale is back and it is here to dazzle. Fashion, literature, food, beverages and music – the perfect recipe for a gala time. Choose from a collection of handpicked products at unbelievable prices. So, what’s SPOYL’s Garage Sale?  It’s basically a fest where you get awesome clothes…

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