No More Cracked Heels
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5 Simple Ways to Cure Cracked Heels

Not drinking enough water, cold weather and soaking your feet too long in hot water are some of the reasons for cracked heels. With winter fast approaching, people tend to do all of the above, dare we say rather frequently. Unfortunately for a few, their heels start cracking. Here are…

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5 Surprising Home Remedies for Acne That Work

They’ve got many names: Pimples, Zits, Acne, Bumps, Spots! Call it what you want to, this unwanted visitor always manages to sneak past us and literally pops up at the most inconvenient time. It sometimes seems that the appearance of a zit is inversely proportional to the importance of an upcoming…

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DIY FACE MASK | The all-cure

As (most) girls, we naturally tend to want to look prim and proper. And so, in a finicky manner, we go to salons to get our nails, hair, and face done. Facials, grooming , primping up is not just a desire that women have ,it’s an actual need. Some yearn…

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