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Siddhi Doshi – Spoyl Fashion Blogger of the Day

Siddhi Doshi loves her western collections. While she does wear traditional clothes on occasion, she believes Western wear epitomises the modern woman. All About Siddhi Doshi Siddhi Doshi’s passion for the fashion industry drove her to become a fashion blogger. From a very young age she was inspired by many popular…

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Blogger of the Day - Kashvi
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Blogger of the Day – Kashvi Chauhan

From a very young age, Kashvi nurtured a special love for fashion. But this love and passion went unnoticed and untended until her best friend realised Kashvi’s potential and encouraged her to pursue a career in it. Thus started the journey of Kashvi the influencer. Kashvi is a huge admirer…

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Nickyeta - Woh_Wali_Ladki
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Blogger of the Day – Nickeyta

‘A pinch of western and a pinch of ethnic is the perfect recipe for a brilliant outfit.’ preaches fashion blogger Nikita Khatri, AKA Nickeyta AKA Woh_Wali_Ladki   Frustrated by the common belief that money and fashion go hand in hand, Nickeyta decided to become a fashion blogger to prove a…

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