If the classics are anything to go by, then they surely make clear what maketh the ultimate gentlemen. The unmistakable charm, the undeniable suave and the make of a gentleman from his look. Every inch, every detail is gone over with a fine-tooth comb and carefully tended to. Although the whole may be greater than the sum of its parts, there are inevitable key ingredients that give you that sought-after gentlemanly air. We’ll break it down to those 5 essentials a man must own! Boys, take note! Men, you already know this.

The Gentlemen’s Guide: 5 Essentials A Man Must Own


1. A Signature Cologne or Fragrance


Source: www.groupon.com

Source: www.groupon.com


It can’t be stressed enough how essential a signature cologne or fragrance really is. If there is one thing a man should be known by, it is his scent (that or his drink!). Deodorants can be saved for days when you hit the gym or are getting into heavy work. Colognes are that one bit of you that also ties your olfactory senses to memories, so sticking to a signature scent can remind people of you when they get a sniff of it. We recommend classic like Armani’s Acqua Di Gio, Creed’s Aventus or 1 Million by Paco Rabanne. Sure, they might be on the steep side but it’s an investment and will definitely pay off in the long run!

2. A Pair of Classic Oxfords or Brogues


The Gentlemen's Guide: 5 Essentials A Man Must Own

Source: www.zara.com


One look down south and you can tell the difference between a lover of all things classic and a street style enthusiast. Footwear is communication, and clean, well-kept footwear says a lot about what you bring to the world. A man who won’t take the time & effort to take care of himself will not be trusted to take care of much else. This also speak to the quality and durability of what you buy. A man who cuts corners when taking care of himself will cut corners when taking care of others. A temporary value is no value at all. That’s what makes this one of the 5 essentials a man must own.


3. A Grooming Kit


Source: www.octovp.com | The Dopp Kit

Source: www.octovp.com | The Dopp Kit


Some may believe that grooming make a man rather metrosexual. Although, believe us men, ladies find nothing sexier than a man who looks after his appearance and grooming. A gentleman must always be well-dressed, smell nice and clean and look sharp and crisp. Many have morning routines they follow – whether it’s using special beard oils, shaving products or using skincare products. All these are part of a kit that the gentleman owns and are essential to his grooming. The kit goes where he goes and there is no avoiding this routine, follow it religiously and keep it fresh.


4. Accessories


The Gentlemen's Guide: 5 Essentials A Man Must Own

Source: www.michelozzo.com


A gentleman is nothing without his accessories and is always prim and proper. Right from his cuff links, to his watch, wallet, ties, belts, pocket squares to even his socks – everything plays the utmost important role when it comes to accessorising. It’s the details that count and that is the look of a man that has his things together. Even picking socks to wear is an art form and many men would rather make thing easy and just go basic, but a gentleman always takes care of his appearance from head to toe.

5. A Tailor And a Tailored Suit


The Gentlemen's Guide: 5 Essentials A Man Must Own

Source: www.tailormadelondon.com

Having a relationship with a tailor is essential to the gentleman as he acts as the ultimate accessory to his wardrobe. Gentlemen are not slaves to fashion and do not settle for baggy, unfitting and unflattering clothing. Tailors are trained to give you the best and most classic fit. He knows your style, preferences and is the go-to person to advice you on more. Custom clothing ensures the most comfortable and flattering fit, not to mention, reflects the gentlemen’s personality through it. A man who knows what he wants, sees it through and achieves it. A tailored suit is a result of just that and is a vital piece in any gentleman’s wardrobe. We can’t stress enough the importance of the two. After all they do say, a tailored suit is to men, what lingerie is to women!

And to really top it off, a gentleman must always carry..

  • A Handkerchief


The Gentlemen's Guide: 5 Essentials A Man Must Own

Source: www.aliexpress.com


We seldom see these around anymore but believe us when we say that the compliments will flow on spotting one. Carrying a handkerchief is perhaps the ultimate art of manliness. Not only is it extremely useful but also handy when a lady around needs you. However, the main purpose of carrying a handkerchief is not for you. A gentleman is known for putting others before him and being helpful. It’s the chance to lend it to others that’s commends this practice the most. It’s a very chivalrous gesture and there’s just something comforting about it. Suffice to say, a lady in need would really appreciate it during her time of need. If there were 5 essentials a man must own, then this one is the ultimate.

So gentlemen, shall we?