The catwalks and celebrity Instagrams are laden with images of beautiful women in a particular colour trend. You might have noticed your feed full of bloggers and women styling themselves in this self colour trend. Monotone dressing is in and it’s taking things by storm.

Although the trend has been in and out of the fashion radar over the years, the current resurrection of the trend seems to be a definite mainstay for a while, at least. Almost all the Kardashians and Kardashian-Jenners seem to be into this trend, and with these Balmain babes, it sure seems safe to say that this trend is here to stay. Forget colour blocks, monotone dressing is what it’s right now and we sure like what we see.

Sure enough though, the trend can seem slightly intimidating to pull off if you aren’t an Insta famous blogger or stylist, and monotone doesn’t necessarily translate into monotonous. Let us play muse you and tell you how you can nail monotone dressing in 5 simple steps for chic looks.

1. Start with the basics

Monotone Dressing

It can’t be stressed enough that colour is key. If you aren’t well-versed with the art of monotone dressing, opt for basic or muted neutral colours. Blacks, Whites, Nudes and other earthy tones are your friends, and if you aren’t sure enough to go for a bold and loud colour, then just go with whatever suits your skin tone the best. Make sure whatever you wear compliments your body as well. Tip: If you still would like to try bold colours, pastels are a good place to start. Think periwinkle blue, baby pink and the likes. Pastels are always a winner!

2. Play with shades

Monotone Dressing

For some, monotone dressing may translate into quite literally, that. Monotone dressing doesn’t imply dressing from head to tone in one colour. (Unless, you are confident enough to pull off that kind of look. You go, girl!) Dressing H2T in one colour from bags to shoes to clothing is largely coloured a huge faux pas. Instead make the outfit more interesting visually by playing around with shades. This instantly helps more attention to the outfit.

3. Play with textures

Monotone Dressing

If you do aim to go for a single solid shade of colour, experimenting with textures is a smart move. This makes things more interesting since the silhouette is simple and the play of textures gives something interesting to look at with the constant colour. Think, going with a red blouson and a red quilted or knife pleated skirt.

4. Accessorise always

Monotone Dressing

Break the ‘sameness’ of the outfit by adding some bing to the mix. Make sure you don’t opt for accessories that of the same colour. Don’t over-accessorise but definitely add some statement jewellery enough to bring some glam quotient to the outfit.

5. Keep your make-up simple

Monotone Dressing

Let the outfit and its colours do the talking! You don’t want to add to many colours to the mix and wear colour all over and end up looking silly. Neutral make-up is the way to go!

Monotone outfits are easy to carry. If worn correctly they can put all other fashion trends in shade. We hope these monotone fashion tips inspire you to create your own simplistic style and have fun with it!