Why Spoyl is The Best Shopping Site For Clothes?

Are you bored of visiting the same shopping sites for clothes and find it taxing to go through hundreds of styles to find that one made-for-you red dress? Are you not satisfied with the discounts they offer?

Let us tell you of a way to get rid of your miseries. Have you laid eyes on this piece of gold? This angel has been named Spoyl. The proper introduction would be as the best shopping site for clothes where you get hand-picked styles at great discounts.

So, let’s get started with how awesome we are and why Spoyl is the best shopping site for clothes:

1.Cash on Delivery

best shopping site for clothes

Hesitant to pay online when you shop on Spoyl? When we deem ourselves as the best shopping site for clothes, we have got this covered. Opt for Cash on Delivery option and enjoy a hassle-free service.

2. Easy Returns

best shopping site for clothes


The dress does not fit you or you would want the same style in a different color? We know your preference might change once you have received the product and thus we have an easy return/exchange policy to save your time.

3. Safe Payment Gateway

best shopping site for clothes

Never worry about paying online when you shop on Spoyl because we have partnered with the best and most trusted payment gateway in India.

4. Genuine items

best shopping site for clothes

What you see online is what you pay for. Our Fashion Editors hand-picks the styles for you and they are from the most-trustworthy brands in India. Well, it takes a lot to become the best shopping site for clothes. Don’t you think so?

5. Up to 60% off

best shopping site for clothes

What’s better than all these perks? Discounts! Its raining discounts on Spoyl, every day. Whenever you shop, whatever you shop, enjoy upto 60% off!

6. Curated Styles

best shopping site for clothes

As if we weren’t awesome already. Be it a kurta or a top, whatever you see on Spoyl has been curated by our awesome fashion-forward team.

We are done boasting about ourselves. Now, it’s your turn to try Spoyl and let us know what you think.

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