The nail art obsession is real. From getting themed nails to ludicrous trends like bubble nails and everything in between, Instagram spawns the most baffling trends. The latest in addition to the slew of nail art styles is the new minimal wire nails trend.

The look boasts of a simple no-polish manicure that only used metallic gold wires. Furthermore, the juxtaposition of gold against a clear nail is winning the hearts of minimalist lovers with an adoration for art.

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The wire nails look was first created by Eun Kyung Park, the founder of the Unistella salon in Seoul, South Korea. The mastermind behind the innovation is also responsible for other headlining styles. In addition, holographic glass nails, the gemstone nails, cuticle cuffs and the diamond nails, a now popular nail style!

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Park’s newest masterpiece involves using thin metallic wire and shaping them to create gorgeous 3D designs. Right from simple cuticle styles to intricate art designs and more. Park explained that her inspiration for the new style was the neon sign. When you make neon signs, you have to bend the wires to make certain lettering,’ she told Marie Claire.

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“It’s one long wire that’s bent to create and connect the letters. I thought this was really cool and since nails are an accessory, I wanted it to be used for expression. Like rings.”


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She uses a single wire to bend it into the shape as desired. While using the thinnest wire available, she uses tweezers to bend and manipulate them into shapes. Then, once the desired shape is attained, she places the design on her nails which are coated clear gel polish. After curing it under UV light,  another coat of clear polish is applied to secure the design and gives it a long-lasting and glossy finishing look. We love the simple yet uber chic look, and if like us you’re DIY enthusiasts, Park has advice.

“Keep in mind that since it’s a wire, you have to make sure the sharp end has a nice finish so it doesn’t get caught in clothes,” she says.

Wire Nails! What’s the verdict then? We ❤️!